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Shankill Tenant Cottages (

The Nolans and McDonalds of Shankill likely lived in tenant cottages like these. ( click to view image )
Shankill Private cemetery (
More tombstones 
overgrown with vegetation ( click to view image )
	Tourist Information on Shankill Castle"( click to view image )
Shankill Church (

Remains of an old parochial church (75' x 21') located on the Shankill estate. An examination of the structure reveals that the church may have at one point been abandoned and then later renovated. 

At the north end of the church is the Aylward tomb:
"Here lyeth ye body of Sarah Aylward alias Butler, 
who departed this life Oct. ye 21st A.D. 1708,  
in the ?3rd year of her age, 
having issue 9 sons and 2 daughters.  
This monument was erected by Peter Aylward 
for himself, his wife, his posterity, A.D. 1719."   ( click to view image )
Shankill Castle 

 Pierce (Peter) Aylward, a Protestant,  even though outlawed in 1690 subsequent to the Williamite Wars, acquired Shankill Castle after his marriage to Ellen Butler, daughter of Richard Butler, Viscount of Tullow, Co. Carlow, and the son of the Duke of Ormonde (then governor of Ireland).  ( click to view image )
Shankill Private cemetery (

According to a modern-day descendant of the Shankill NOLANs, his early Nolan family ancestors were buried in the Shankill estate private cemetery.  However, his grandfather and grandmother, a BERNARD and JOANNA NOLAN, are buried in the old Paulstown RC cemetery.  There are also supposedly McDonalds buried in the old Shankill cemetery.  One of Bernard and Joanna's sons, a JOHN NOLAN, supposedly went to America.  ( click to view image )
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