Nolan Memorials in Ireland

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GALWAY – Galway City

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To this day the Nolan-Skerritt family crest, dating back to 1642, still graces the entrance to a house in Galway city which once belonged to a Thomas Nolan.  This is believed to be the earliest depiction of the Nolan family crest which has been adopted by most modern-day Nolan families. ( click to view image )
After the re-establishment of the monarchy in 1660 (i.e. at thye end of Parliamentary rule under Cromwell, the citizens colorized and embellished a map of Galway city which they gace as a gift from the city to the new monarch Charles II. Along the bottom edge of the map were several crests of prominent families within the city including one for the Nolan family. ( click to view image )
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