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Research Articles

This repository of information is meant to store for posterity either the results of Nolan family research within the within the worldwide Nolan diaspora, whether it be limited to a particular Nolan family's antecedents or more broader in scope such the early presence of Nolans in a particular geographical area, Nolan involvement in some major historical event (e.g. Flight of the Earls, Cromwellian confiscations, Wild Geese emigration, Jacobite Rebellions, 1798 Rebellion, 1916 Easter Rebellion, etc.), research into ancient Nolan roots or again research into the origins of a major Nolan bloodline, etc

The number of research articles in this repository is still very limitedy but it is hoped that the number of articles in it will grow rapidly as knowledge of its existence as a central repository for Nolan families from around the world grows.
I myself have contributed several research articles in past issues of the Nolan Clan newsletter and also a few in past issues of the Ballon-Rathoe Chronicle and these will soon be added to this repository. This is me doing my part for the worldwide Nolan diaspora and I hope that my example will inspire others to do likewise.
The long-term vision is that these research articles will help in updating and maintaining this website's top-level free online Nolan family History pages.


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