The primary goal of this website is:

to create and maintain, for current and future generations,
an archive of historical and anecdotal information of interest to Nolans everywhere

in support of the modern-day worldwide Clan O Nolan family association founded in Ireland in 1995.

As a clan member-directed initiative, this website seeks to bring together in one place easy-to-use information resources

  • to help in the writing/continual updating of Nolan-specific knowledge bases and;
  • to help  Nolan descendants in their quest to elucidate their own Nolan family roots
    (in this regard I invite you to join the NolanFamilies research group which I facilitate)

If you have information which you believe would be of interest to the wider Nolan diaspora (Family Stories, Research Articles, Transcriptions, etc.) I invite you to contact me.

You are also invited to participate in activities of the worldwide Clan O Nolan family association (e.g. biannual gatherings). The Clan O Nolan Facebook group is the primary vehicle used by Clan O Nolan to communicate with its members and the wider Nolan diaspora. You may signify your interest in becoming a formal member of the Clan by communicating with the “admin” person for this group.

Roger Nowlan

(Contact Me)

NolanFamilies.org webmaster
and Nolan Clan member since 1997