This  is a personal not-for-profit grassroots website first created  in 2004  initially to provide information to the world on the burgeoning modern-day Nolan Clan family association founded in Ireland in 1995 but with a prime emphasis on the Clan’s third goal, namely “to create and maintain, for current and future generations, an archive of historical and anecdotal information of interest to Nolans everywhere” bringing together in one place easy-to-use information resources to help current and future generations of Nolans  gain a better understanding of their Nolan ancestry and also to provide a worldwide platform facilitating research into Nolan family history.

In 2017, with the advent of social media, the Nolan Clan executive decided to move communication to the world about clan activities and events to the “Clan O’Nolan” Facebook Group.   General information about Nolan family ancestry and Nolan Clan activities is still hosted at this website (see “Nolan Clan” ) but will soon be migrated to a new separate website under direct control of the Nolan Clan executive.

As for the future of this personal not-for-profit website its focus will remain the clan’s third goal (creating a repository of Nolan-related information for the benefit of the worldwide diaspora). Moving forward, the website’s vision is to become the #1 place on the Internet where Nolan descendants can find information on their Nolan ancestry and assistance/accompaniment in their Nolan family quest.

To that end, Nolan descendants from around the world are encouraged to:

for inclusion in the website’s knowledge bases (Family Stories, Memorials and Research Notes).

If you require assistance/accompaniment in your Nolan family quest you are encouraged to join the NolanFamilies.org Research Group which meets periodically over Zoom to report on research findings and to identify new research topics for the group. If you are so inclined you may also Offer to help build/manage this website.

Roger Nowlan

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Roger Nowlan
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More About Me

In 1997 I joined the Nolan Clan family organisation (aka Clan O Nolan) and began in earnest to research my own Nolan family ancestry and, over time, that interest grew to encompass all Nolan families wherever they may have settled.

Already as a young child I was fascinated by the stories passed down by my Nolan ancestors and wondered about my relatives left behind in Ireland those many years ago.

In 2004 I assumed the duties of Newsletter editor for the Nolan Clan family organisation and began publishing article after article on Nolan family history,  in an effort to gain an ever deeper understanding of Nolan family history.

In 2017, after divesting myself of the duties of Newsletter editor for the Nolan Clan, I began refocusing my energies towards the writing of an updated Nolan family history and revamping the original 2004 vintage website.

By March 2020, the information contained in databases at the old 2004 NolanFamilies.org website (only remnants now showing) had been ported over to a modern-day “Knowledge Bases” (Family Stories, Memorials and Research Notes) with a much-improved the user interface.

By 2025, barring delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I hope to have written an updated Nolan family history book and have set up a sustainable online work process for generating on an ongoing basis articles for this website’s knowledge bases such that, by then, I can consider divesting myself of my webmaster duties and leave the next generation to expand on the rich Nolan family history yet to be written.