The primary goal of this website is:

to create and maintain, for current and future generations, an archive
of historical and anecdotal information of interest to Nolans everywhere

in support of the modern-day worldwide Clan O Nolan family association founded in Ireland in 1995.

As a clan member-directed initiative, this website seeks to bring together in one place easy-to-use information resources

  • to help  Nolan descendants in their quest to elucidate their own Nolan family roots
    (in this regard I invite you to join the NolanFamilies research group which I facilitate)

  • to help in the writing/continual updating of freely-accessible Nolan-specific knowledge bases
    (research articles, family stories, memorials, …) and an information “Submissions” database.

If you have information which you believe would be of interest to the wider Nolan diaspora I invite you to contact me or to submit it for inclusion in the website’s “Submissions” database using the “Submit Information” webpage.

You are also invited to participate in activities of the worldwide Clan O Nolan family association (e.g. biannual gatherings). The Clan O Nolan Facebook group is the primary vehicle used by Clan O Nolan to communicate with its members and the wider Nolan diaspora. You may signify your interest in becoming a formal member of the Clan by communicating with the “admin” person for this group.

Roger Nowlan

(Contact Me)

NolanFamilies.org webmaster
and Nolan Clan member since 1997