This not-for-profit website, first created in 2004, focuses primarily on the Nolan Clan family association’s third goal

to create and maintain, for current and future generations,
an archive of historical and anecdotal information of interest to Nolans everywhere

bringing together in one place easy-to-use information resources

  • to help in the writing and continual updating of this website’s freely accessible Online Nolan family history book

  • to help  Nolan descendants in their quest to elucidate their own Nolan family history.

In 2017, the pages relating to Nolan Clan communication with its members and the worldwide Nolan diaspora were moved to the Clan O’Nolan” Facebook Group.  

In 2022, the pages supporting independent Nolan family history research were moved to a new sister website, the NolanFamilies Research Group website, created and managed by myself.

The pages relating to the Nolan Clan itself (see https://nolanfamilies.org/nolanclan/) and its activities, although part of the website from its beginning in 2004, will soon be moved to a new website managed by another clan member, yet to be determined.

Moving forward, this website will therefore return to its original primary focus, that of archiving Nolan-related information for current and future generations of Nolans. It is my hope that, in time (no doubt after my lifetime), this website become the #1 online research archive for Nolan family researchers everywhere.

To that end, I invite you, as a Nolan family researcher, to:

for inclusion in this website’s knowledge bases (Family Stories, Memorials and Research Notes).

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