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1760s : Jean-Baptiste Nolin : Red River/St-Boniface, MB

[201] Jean-Baptiste Nolin (c1741 – ????) – from Quebec
[202] Marie Angélique Couvret (???? – ????) – from Manitoba
Children: Marguerite (1780), Angélique (1787), Geneviève (1790), Joseph (c. 1804), Louis, François, Adolphus, Madeleine and Charlotte

Jean-Baptiste Nolin was born in the Quebec city area around 1741 and is believed to have gone west as a young man.

It is not known if he was a descendant of Jacques Nolin, a farmer on Île d’Orléans or of Pierre Nolan, an innkeeper in the lower town district of Quebec city. However, given Jean-Baptiste’s link to the fur trade, it is more likely that he was a great-grandson of Pierre Nolan whose family was heavily involved in the fur trade from very early on. For furtyher details, see the story entry for Pierre Nolan on the Quebec family stories page.

Jean-Baptiste married Marie Angélique Couvret, the daughter of Joseph Couvret and Marie Objibwa, around 1770, most likely in the area of current day St Boniface, Manitoba.


  • Marguerite (1780-) …
  • Angélique (1787-) …
  • Geneviève (1790-) …
  • Joseph (c1804-) …
  • Louis …
  • François …
  • Adolphus …
  • Madeleine …
  • Charlotte …

Descendants of this branch also ranged into the adjoining American states i.e. to Minnesota and Michigan.

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