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1859 : Michael Nolan : Salmonier, NF

[294] Michael Nolan (???? – ????) – from Salmonier?, NF
[295] Alice Meaney (???? – ????) – from Colinet?, NF
Children: Francis (1859), Simon Peter (1861), John, Michael, Richard, Martha, Ellen and Catherine

Michael was born at the head of St. Mary’s Bay, Newfoundland, possibly in Salmonier.

Alice, like Michael, was also born at the head of St. Mary’s Bay, possibly in Colinet. Michael and Alice most likely married in the late 1850s and lived in Salmonier, NF, where their sons, Francis and Simon Peter were born.


  • Francis, born on 12 June 1859 in Salmonier, NF, emigrated to the US as a young man entering the US on May 1, 1879, in Gloucester,MA, where he worked as a fishermen. In Gloucester, he married Margaret Fewer.

  • Simon Peter, born on 20 July 1861 in Salmonier, NF, also entered the US on May 1, 1879, at Gloucester, MA, where he worked as a fisherman. In 1885, he married Emma Hathaway but later divorced. Sometime later, he remarried, marrying Elizabeth Ann Linehan. With Elizabeth, Simon had 5 daughters and 1 son. He died on August 19, 1916.

  • John m. Bridget Power

  • Michael …

  • Richard m. Marie Dinn

  • Martha m. ???? Corchran

  • Ellen m. Garrett Walsh

  • Catherine m. Michael Dinn

NOTE: The information about Michael and Alice’s children, other than Simon Peter and Francis, is still a bit “sketchy” and more information in this regard would be appeciated.

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