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1800s : Edward-Sylvester Nowlan : Hales Corners, WI

[7] Edward-Sylvester Nowlan (???? – ????) – from Co. Carlow, IE
[8] Lazetta Wolf (???? – ????) – from Unknown
Children: Edward, James, Eleanor, Elaine, Ruth, Jane, John

1839 : Mary Nolan : Sandusky Co., OH

[252] Mary Nolan (???? – ????) – from Co. Cork, IE
[253] William Williams (???? – ????) – from Unknown
Children: first child (1839) then seven more

Sometime in the early 1800s, a Mary Nolan was born in Balacavo (Barleycove?), Co. Cork, Ireland. She seems to also have lived for a time in Dublin before, at the age of 13, either accompanying her brothers on a trip to Canada or joining them there. Eventually she married a William Williams, the son of a sea captain, and they moved to Erie, PA. Later on they moved to Sandusky county, OH. They had altogether 8 children, the first one being born in 1839.

1840 : Michael Nowlan : Toulon, IL

[111] Michael Nowlan (1800-1881) – from Co. Carlow, IE
[112] Frances Kearney (1813-1887) – from Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford, IE
Children: Patrick (1834), James (c1836), William (1837) and John (1839)
born before the family went west; Edward (1841), David (1842), Michael (1843), Mary Emerentianna (1845), Henry (1847), George (1850) and Joseph (1852) born in Toulon, IL

Michael Nowlan was born Co. Carlow on March 27, 1800, and, in 1828, emigrated to St. John’s, NF, with his cousin William DORAN where he worked as a seal fisherman and was once shipwrecked and presumed dead for several months. He was nursed back to health by the residents of Cape Breton Island.

Michael and Frances likely met in St. John’s, Newfoundland, in the early 1830s and married there in 1832-33. Shortly thereafter they emigrated to Boston. Michael first worked as a railway construction worker and then as a conductor. As railway lines spread further and further west, opening up the American frontier, Michael and Frances kept moving with the railway, eventually settling down in Goshen township, Stark county, Illinois, in 1840. Michael, who had never farmed and already had four children by the time he reached Illinois, walked several days to stake his claim and was later able to put six of his eleven children through Notre Dame.

One family story handed down from generation to generation recounts how, one day, Frances, the mother of the only Irish Catholic family in Toulon, IL, was seen in town with her ten boys in her wagon. She also had a daughter Mary who became a nun. One snooty lady said, “My, My, Mrs. Nowlan, are ALL those boys YOURS?” To which Frances replied, “Yes, and each one has a sister at home!”

Frances had a terror of the horrible Illinois prairie fires, and every night before retiring, even after moving into the city, stood on her porch and scanned the horizon for the fearsome glow.


  • Patrick NOWLAN (1834-1909) was born in Southborough, Essex Co., MA, and married Mary Perry (1839-1936), an Irish girl from C. Antrim, in Toulon in 1862; they lived in Hastings, Adams Co., NE, and had 6 children:
    1. Arthur Johnson (1863-1913) m. ?unknown; he died in Cody, Park Co., WY.
    2. Ada Frances (1864-1946) m. Purnell A. SKEEN (1848-bef. 1920) in 1896; they had no children and Ada died in Los Angeles.
    3. Alice Perry (1868-1949)m. J. Eugene CLOUSER (1873-1942) in 1897; they had one daughter.
    4. Emma May (1871-1949) m. William Newell FILSON (1861-1944) in 1910.
    5. Bessie E. (1873-1961) m. Marshall Lee BIGLER (1873-1953) in 1899; they lived in Scottsbluff, Scottsbluff Co., NE, and had 3 children.
    6. Anne Williams (1876-1960) m. Harry RAVENSCRAFT (1870) in 1899; they lived in Mena, Polk Co., AR, and had 2 children.
  • James NOWLAN (c1837-1910) was born in Grafton, MA, and married Helen A. “Nellie” Plummer (1846-1922) of Yates city; they lived in Toulon, IL, and had 2 children:
    1. James A. (1873-1942) m. Cora Demarch Townsend (1883-1960) of Wyoming, Illinois, in April 1904; they lived in Toulon and had 6 children.
    2. Marie Irene (1874-1961) who did not marry and died in Toulon.
  • William (1837-1917) was born in Worcester, MA, and married Ellen Bridget Lynch (1841-1934) in 1862; they lived in Toulon and had 2 children:
    1. Frances Ellen (1863-1931) m. Arthur D. ELTZROTH (1860-1930) in 1886; they lived in Toulon and had 2 children.
    2. John (1871-1885) died young.
  • John H. (1839-1868) was born in Worcester, MA,; he became and M.D. and married Ellen S. (1867-aft. 1900; family name unknown); they lived in Toulon and one son born there:
    1. Francis H. (1867-1932) married Eleanor Lewis (????-bef. 1932) before 1913; they lived in Chicago, IL.
  • Edward (Mar 1841-1932) was born in Toulon and married Melvina Ballentine (1848-1929) in 1860; they lived in Goshen township, Stark Co., IL, and had 2 children:
    1. Eugene (1870-1925) m. Daisy White in 1898; they lived in Lafayette, Stark Co., IL, and had 4 children.
    2. Mary Eliza “Lida” (1871-1935) m. Ernest T. POTTER (1867-1938) in 1906; they lived in Stark Co., IL.
  • David (1842-1908) m. Mary Cedelia Smead (1849-1915) in 1867; they lived in Lafayette, Stark Co., IL, and in Havelock, Pocahontas Co., IA, and had 4 children:
    1. Robert D. “Rob” (1870-????) ; Rob died in Havelock.
    2. Fredrick N. (1873-1873) died as an infant while the family was still in Illinois.
    3. Brete Cassius (1878-aft. 1932)
    4. Edward Rosseau (1881-aft. 1933)
  • Michael Jr. (1843-1866) died at home in Toulon as a young man.
  • Mary Emerentiana (1845-1913) became a nun;
    in 1887, she was the Reverend Superioress for St. Mary’s school in Baltimore, MD; at her death in 1913, she was living at Notre Dame University, South Bend, St. Joseph Co., IN.
  • Henry (1847-1911) m. Ellen McCance (1857-1911) in 1898; they lived in Goshen township, Stark Co., IL, and had 2 children:
    1. Henry Irvin (1879-1913) m. Grace A. Collinson (1879-1880) in 1904.
    2. Ellen Marie (c1891-????) m. Grover C. SMITH (????-bef. 1934); they lived in the Toulon area.
  • George (1850-1928) m. Ida M. Plummer (1854-1918) in 1876; they lived in Toulon, IL, and had one daughter:
    1. Pauline (1877-1909) m. James Charles HARTLEY (1876-1940) in 1903; they lived in Toulon and had 2 sons.
  • Joseph (1852-1912) ; Joseph lived in Stark Co., IL, and died in the St. Mary’s Infirmary in Cairo, Alexander Co., IL.

1844 : Catherine Nolan : Columbus, OH

[321] Catherine Nolan (1839 – ????) – from Co. Kilkenny, IE
[322] Patrick Coady (1835 – ????) – from Ireland
Children: Nicholas (1859), Bridget (1862), Mary (1866), John (1871) and William (1876)

Catherine, a native Co. Kilkenny and the daughter of a William Nolan/Nowlan, seems to have emigrated to the US as a young girl around 1844 accompanying her brother Daniel and sister Bridget.

Daniel eventually settled in the area of Panora, IA, while Bridget, like Catherine herself, settled in the area of Columbus, Ohio.

In 1858, Catherine married a Patrick Coady. Two years later, in 1860, her sister Bridget married Martin Coady, a brother of Patrick.

In 1880, Kate was keeping house in Columbus, Ohio, while Patrick worked as a boiler maker. Their eldest son, Nicholas, aged 21 at the time, worked as a clerk in a Dry Goods store.

1844 : Bridget Nolan : Marion, OH

[319] Bridget Nolan (1840 – ????) – from Co. Kilkenny, IE
[320] Martin Coady (1822 – ????) – from Ireland
Children: Nicholas J. (1862), James J. (1864), Edmund J. (1867), Mary A. (1868), Thomas (1870) and Joseph (1876)

Bridget, a native Co. Kilkenny and the daughter of a William Nolan/Nowlan, seems to have emigrated to the US as a young girl around 1844 accompanying her brother Daniel and sister Catherine.

Daniel eventually settled in the area of Panora, IA, while Catherine, like Bridget herself, settled in the area of Columbus, Ohio.

In 1858, her sister Catherine, “Kit”, had married a Patrick Coady. Two years later, in 1860, Bridget married Martin Coady, a brother of Patrick.

In 1880, Bridget and Martin COADY lived in Marion, near Columbus, Ohio, where they seem to have been running a hotel with the help of one laborer. Their eldest son named “Nicholas J.” worked as a machinist.

1849-1855 : Thomas Nolan : Cincinnati, OH

[317] Thomas Nolan (c1820 – c1880) – from Co. Roscommon?, IE
[318] Bridget White (c1820 – c1880) – from Co. Sligo, IE
Children: Patrick and Malachi born between 1846 and 1849

On April 9, 1844, a Thomas Nolan and a Bridget White were married in Creggs Parish, Co. Roscommon, Ireland. They had two children between 1846 and 1849 and then emigrated to the US sometime between 1849 and 1855.

The family lived in northern Kentucky, across the Ohio river from Cincinnati, Ohio. Bridget died in Newport, Kentucky, but is buried in Cincinnati, OH. No one seems to know what happened to Thomas, but it is known that he died before her since she was a widow at the time of her death.

Thomas and Bridget’s children and grandchildren lived on both sides of the Ohio river in northern Kentucky and in the Cincinnati area.

1850 : Daniel Nolan : Prairie-du-Chien, WI

[120] Daniel Nolan (1795 – 1876) – from Oldtown townland, Co. Wexford, IE
[121] Sarah Doyle (1810 – 1882) – from Ireland
Children: Thomas, James, Dennis, Mary, Catherine, Peter; possibly more

Daniel was born July 15, 1795, somewhere in the vicinity of Oldtown townland, Co. Wexford, a short distance from the eastern border of County Carlow.

Around 1830, most probably in county Wexford, Ireland, Daniel married Sarah Doyle. In 1850, Daniel, Sarah and their children joined a group of approximately 1000 Irish emigrants bound for America, under the leadership of Rev. Thomas Hore. The family crossed the Atlantic in the Ticonderoga, one of three ships (the Chasca, the Loodinah and the Ticonderoga) hired to transport the Wexford emigrants but, because of poor conditions aboard ship, as described in the book “A Farewell to Famine” by James Rees, family tradition holds that one or two of Daniel and Sarah’s children died while making the crossing. The emigrant group landed in New Orleans, Louisiana, sometime in late 1850 intending to create a Catholic colony in Arkansas but this plan fell through and the new arrivals eventually dispersed to various neighbouring states, including Missouri, Iowa, Texas and Wisconsin.

As for Daniel, Sarah and their family, they initially went to St. Louis, Missouri. After spending 4 years there they moved on to the area of Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin, where according to family tradition, Daniel became a farmer. He died November 1, 1876, and is buried in St. Gabriel’s Cemetery, Prairie du Chien, WI, alongside his wife Sarah who followed him a few years later in 1882.


  • Thomas Nolan m. Catherine Dunne (14 children)
  • James Nolan m. Bridget Dunne (10 children)
  • Dennis Nolan m1. Nancy Quinn (1 child); m2. Julie McNulty (3 children); Dennis saw service in the Civil War being drafted on November 26, 1863.
  • Mary Nolan m. Edward McKILLIP (4 children)
  • Catherine Nolan m. Thomas O’DONNELL of Canada (6 children)
  • Peter Nolan; he never married but was quite active in local school and business activities; he was Principal of the Prairie du Chien city schools for 2 years and, later, became the private secretary of H.L. Dousman, a local business man involved in the fur trade and Prairie du Chien’s first millionaire; Peter also acted as business manager for Mr. Dousman’s Wisconsin property.

1853 : Michael Nolan : Grant Co., WI

[339] Michael Nolan (c1815 – ????) – from Co. Wexford, IE
[340] N/A (???? – ????) – from Unknown

Michael Nolan was born between 1815 and 1819, the son of Nicholas Nolan and Bridget O’Neill of Co. Wexford. He had many siblings and, according to family tradition, he and a brother named James emigrated to the US at about the same time in 1853 entering via the port of New York. By 1870, Michael and his bother James had found their way to Grant county, Wisconsin, where they were farming. They were still there in 1880 but, by 1898, James had moved on to California, possibly by way of Montana. In 1898 James had married and, in 1900, he and wife were living in Los Angeles, CA.

1853 : Lawrence Nowlan : Montgomery, IN

[250] Lawrence Nowlan (1808-1872) – from Ireland
[251] Elizabeth Patterson (???? – ????) – from Unknown

According to family tradition, around the time of the Great Famine, between 1842 and 1850, Lawrence emigrated from Ireland settling in Indiana with three, possibly four brothers, named Edward, James, John and Patrick. All are believed to have hailed from Co. Wexford.

Lawrence married Elizabeth “Betsy” Patterson. One of their 15 children, Presley (1866-1955), married Emma Fegan and they had 10 children, the first of whom, Mary Agnes Nolan (1903-1998), married a LENTS.

Of Lawrence’s brothers, it is known that John died sometime before 1853 and that a third brother, named Edward, married his widow. James, a fourth brother, married an Elizabeth Brewer. These first four brothers were all buried in St. Peter’s cemetery in Montgomery, Indiana. As to the fifth possible brother, named Patrick, little is currently known.

1854 : John Nolan : Peotone, IL

[246] John Nolan (???? – ????) – from Co. Tipperary, IE
[247] Ann Darmody (???? – ????) – from Co. Tipperary, IE

In 1854, in Lockport, Illinois, John Nolan and Ann Darmody, both natives of Co. Tipperary, were married. They then settled in the area of Peotone, Illinois, where their children were born between 1856 and 1863.

1856 : John Nolan : Ridgeville, WI

[118] John Nolan (c1821-1871) – from Ballinasloe, Co. Galway, IE
[119] Bridget Reynolds (1831-1895) – from Ireland
Children: Mary A. (1858), Andrew F. “Fred” (1860), John F. (1862), Christopher U. (1864), Levi J. “Lee” (1866) and Lewis Elmer (1870)

In the summer of 1843, John Nolan, son of Mathew and Honora Nolan of Ballinasloe, Co. Galway, set sail from Liverpool, England, bound for New York on the ship “Delia Walker”. At 20 years of age, like many in his generation, he was anxious to make a better life for himself in America. He arrived in New York harbour on August 10, 1843, and, after spending some time in Patterson, NJ, moved on to the area of Meridian township, New Haven, CT, where he joined his older brother Andrew who had preceded him. The two brothers stayed on in this area for quite some time, Andrew marrying there in 1851, but, as for many in their day, the call of the west was strong and , eventually, the two brothers joined the western migration of the 1850s. In May 1856, the two jointly purchased farmland in the area of Ridgeville township, Monroe County, WI, becoming two of the earliest settlers in the area, near present-day Norwalk, WI, less than an hour’s drive from La Crosse.

With land to his name, John could now think of marrying and settling down and so it was. On October 12, 1857, John married Bridget Reynolds who, like him, had also emigrated from Ireland. Not quite four years into their marriage, the American Civil War broke out. His older brother Andrew enlisted in 1862 but John stayed behind, probably to take care of of the farmland and the growing families, however, towards the end of the war, in March 1865, he too enlisted. From his enlistment papers we know that he had blue eyes, brown hair, dark complexion and stood 5 feet 6 1/2 inches tall. At the end of the war, he returned to his farm but suffering from “chronic gatrites”. He and Bridget had two more children and his stomach problem eventually developed into stomach cancer. On July 10, 1871, John died and, after a long struggle with the Government bureaucracy, Bridget was finally awarded a military widow’s pension. After John’s death, Bridget raised the younger children in the Protestant faith. This accounts for there being both Catholic and Protestant branches in the family tree. John and Bridget, and their daughter Mary, are buried in Conger Cemetery near Norwalk, WI.


  • Mary A. Nolan (1858-1899) never married.
  • Andrew F. “Fred” Nolan (1860-1925) married twice; 2 daughters and 1 son
  • John F. Nolan (1862-??) m. Susie ????; 2 daughters
  • Christopher U. Nolan (1864-c.1930s) m. Lena ????;
    he worked as a railroad engineer.
  • Levi J.”Lee” Nolan (1866-1946) m. Mamie L. McGary, 1900; 4 children;
    Lee was an entrepreneur with a`cartage company in Sparta, WI.
  • Lewis Elmer Nolan (1870-1939) m. Bertha Orpha Miller; 4 children;
    he worked as a railroadman.

1856 : James Nolan : Dalton area, IL

[360] James Nolan (1828 – 1911) – from Co. Tipperary
[361] Ann Mary Kelley (1831 – 1896) – from Nenagh, Co. Tipperary
Children: Richard Joseph (1854), James Malacki (1856), Mary Ann (1857), Catherine Anastasia (1858), Patrick Francis (1860), Margaret Independence (1862), James Emmett (1864), Ellen Elizabeth (1866), John Henry (1868) and Michael Tobias (1879)
[362] Bridget Lynch (c1834 – 1911) – from Ireland

James was born February 2, 1828 in County Tipperary, Ireland, and at age 22, emigrated to America arriving on July 5, 1851, aboard the British Brigatine Fanny.

Ann Mary, born August 15, 1831 in Nenagh Parish, County Tipperary, Ireland, also emigrated to America. At age 20, she arrived a mere 3 days before James, arriving in New York from Liverpool, England, on the Waterloo. It is quite possible that James and Ann Mary met at this time perhaps traveling on the same train to Illinois, on their way to their final destination. The exact circumstances of their first meeting is not known but we do know that on February 2, 1854, in Wayne county, Illinois, James and Mary Ann were married.

After their marriage, James and Ann lived for a time in Ohio where their first son, Richard Joseph, was born in 1854 in Wooster. By 1856, however, they had returned to Illinois, settling in Dora township in Moultrie county, a few miles northeast of Dalton city. This is where James and Ann lived and raised their 10 children. James was an industrious farmer and, at the time of his death, was the owner of a large farm.

Ann died in 1896 and soon thereafter James remarried, marrying a Bridget Lynch sometime before 1900. Bridget, born in Ireland around 1836, had come to America at a young girl and spent most of her life in Illinois, marrying James Nolan sometime between 1896 an 1900.

Seeking a well-deserved rest after several years of hard labour, James and his second wife, Bridget, moved to nearby Dalton city sometime after 1900. Their city life, however, was short-lived. Bridget, died on February 16, 1911, and James followed her a mere 2 days later, dying on February 18, 1911. Both are buried in the St. Isidore cemetery in Bethany, Illinois.


  • Richard Joseph (1854-????) m. Mary Tiernan;
    after their marriage, Richard and Mary moved to Lemars, Plymouth County, Illinois, where their son James was born; in 1911, when his father died, Richard was living in Red Oak, Iowa, albeit perhaps only for a short time, since his descendants only recall him living in Illinois.
  • James Malacki (1856-????) remained unmarried
  • Mary Ann (1857-1925) m. Peter DUNN;
    in 1911, Mary was living in Dalton city, IL
  • Catherine Anastasia (1858-1940) m. John Cabot SHIELDS;
    in 1911, Kate was living in Dalton city, IL
  • Patrick Francis (1860-1929) m. Mary Henrietta Dunn;
    in 1911, Patrick was living in Jabez, New Mexico
  • Margaret Independence (1862-1888) m. John DUNN
  • James Emmett (1864-1894)
  • Ellen Elizabeth “Ellie” (1866-1901) m. William DUNN; no children
  • John Henry (1868-????);
    in 1911, he was living in Red Oak, Iowa
  • Michael Tobias (1879-1944) m. Anna Bresnan;
    in 1911, M.T. was living in Dalton city, Illinois
  • James and Annie, and several of their children are buried in the St. Isidore cemetery in Bethany, Illinois, where James had been one of the original sixteen founders of the church.

1856 : Andrew Nolan : Ridgeville, WI

[115] Andrew Nolan (1819-1895) – from Ballinasloe, Co. Galway, IE
[116] Anna Burke (???? – 1875) – from Unknown
Children: William H. (1852), Mary Ann (1853), Matthew James(1856) all born in Connecticut; Christopher T. (c.1858), Julia T. (1862), Alice L. (1865), Stephen Andrew (1868) and Edgar Benjamin (1871)
[117] Maria A. Haas (1845 – ????) – from Unknown
Children: Peter B. (1877) and Nellie G. (1879) both born in Wisconsin

A few years before 1843, Andrew, son of a Matthew and Honora Nolan of Ballinasloe, Co. Galway, emigrated to North America and found work in the New England states. A younger brother John followed in his footsteps and joined him in America in 1843.

In 1851, Andrew married Anna Burke in New Haven, CT, and in 1852, when their first child was born, they were living in the nearby Meridian township.

In May 1856, Andrew and and his younger brother John jointly purchased farmland in Ridgeville township, Monroe County, WI, and the family moved west like so many were doing at the time.

A little less than a year into the Civil War, in March 1862, Andrew enlisted and saw action in several battles in Virginia. Shortly after the end of the war, in August 1865, he was released from service and returned to civilian life.

In 1875, Anna died, and Andrew remarried, marrying Maria A. Haas. The war, however, had ruined his health. Suffering from bouts of chills and fever, rheumatism, and back problems for the rest of his life, Andrew died in 1895. He was buried in St. John’s Cemetery near the family farm in Ridgeville, WI.


  • William H. Nolan (1852-1880) m. Huldah Jennie Magee; 2 children
  • Mary Ann Nolan (1853-1900) m. Patrick DORSEY BURKE, a railroad man; 5 children; one of their sons, EDWARD R. BURKE, became a US Congressman and later a US Senator from Nebraska.
  • Matthew J. Nolan (1856-1912) m. Margaret, a Canadian, and later moved to Calgary, Alberta, where he died; 4+ children
  • Christopher T. Nolan (c.1858-c.1950) m Margaret ????; railroadman; 9 children
  • Julia T. Nolan (1862-1940) m. George Albert HOFFMAN, a butcher; 5 children
  • Alice L. Nolan (1865-1930); homesteaded an entire section of land in Beach, ND
  • Steven Andrew Nolan (1868-1916); railroadman
  • Edgar Benjamin Nolan (1871)


  • Peter B. Nolan (1877-c.1898); died in Cuba during the Spanish American War
  • Nellie G. Nolan (1879-1977) m. Homer A. LANDT; 6 children

1858 : James Nowlan : Camp Point, IL

[381] James Nowlan (c1827 – 1887) – from Co. Longford, IE
[382] Catherine Donoughue (???? – 1913) – from Co. Tyrone, IE
Children: Lewis (1850), Margaret (1852), Daniel (1854), Mary (1856), Patrick (1858) and Ann (1859)

James seems to have emigrated to the United States sometime around the time of the Great Famine, marrying his wife, Catherine Donoughue/Donahue on July 6, 1849 in Montpelier, Vermont. Given that Montpelier is very close to the Quebec border, it is likely that James entered the U.S. via Lower Canada (Quebec). James was the son of Daniel Nowlan and Mary Lee of Co. Longford in Ireland. It is also known that he had two brothers, John and Patrick and a sister who died young.

After their marriage in 1849, James and Catherine stayed on in Montpelier, Vermont, and this is where their first son, Lewis, was born in 1850. However, by 1852, they had moved to Michigan. This is where their next three children were born. Sometime before 1858, they again moved, this time to Illinois. This is where their 5th child was born.


Lewis (1850-1923) b. Montpelier, VT; d. Bevier, MO

Margaret (1852-1922) b. Bronson, MI; d. Sterling, IL; m. ???? O’CONNER

Daniel (1854-1924) b. Bronson, MI; d. Frankfort, IN

Mary (1856-????) b.Cold Water, MI

Patrick (1858-????) b. Camp Point, IL; m. Elizabeth Anderson

Ann (1859-????) m. James McGOWAN

NOTE: Additional information on this family is available at the website reference given below.

1864 : James Nolan : Chicago, IL

[254] James Nolan (1840- 1921) – from Co. Tipperary, IE
[255] Catherine Flannery (c1840-????) – from Co. Tipperary, IE
Children: William (1865), James (1868), Hanora (1869), William C. (1871), Daniel (1873), Charles (1876), Michael (1878) and Julia Nolan (1888)

Sometime in the early 1860s, James Nolan and Catherine Flannery emigrated to the US either as a couple or separately. Judging from when their children were born, they appear to have married sometime around 1864. Whatever the case may be, by 1865, they were living in Chicago, IL, when their first child was born. They had altogether 8 children and seem to have remained in Chicago until their death.


  • William (1865-1866) died young
  • James (1868-after 1921)
  • Hanora (1869-1870) died young
  • William C. (1871-1897)
  • Daniel (1873-1882)
  • Charles (1876-1895)
  • Michael (1878-after 1921)
  • Julia Nolan (1888-1976) who married a KRIZ

1864 : Michael Nolan : Madison, WI

[171] Michael Nolan (c1838- ????) – from Co. Carlow?, IE
[172] unknown (???? – ????) – from Unknown
Children: Henry T. (c1886) and Elizabeth (c1898), both born in Wisconsin

According to the 1910 US census Michael immigrated in 1864 and married in the US since, in the 1880 census for Madison, he is listed as single working as a farmhand for Edward G. Hayden. Michael had at least two children, Henry T. and Elizabeth, as listed in the 1910 census and, by then, his wife had died.

According to 1902 and 1905 immigration records for a Joseph Aghney, Michael was an uncle to Joseph and Thomas Aughney, the latter living on Monmouth St. in New Jersey. In 1905, Joseph’s last residence had been Tullow in Co. Carlow, Ireland.

1864 : Edmond Nolan : Dalton area, IL

[363] Edmond Nolan (c1835 – 1919) – from Thurles, Co. Tipperary
[364] Catherine Heneberry (c1837 – 1915) – from Ireland
Children: John (1864), Mary A. (c1866), Elizabeth Ellen (1868) and Margaret (1873)

Based upon his approximate birth year and the uniqueness of his first name i.e. Edmond, it is assumed that he was the “Edmund Nolan”, son of John Nolan and Bridget Whelan, baptized in Thurles, Co. Tipperary, on October 18, 1835. In parish records, a Michael Nolan and a Mary Mockee are given as his sponsors/godparents.

It is not known when Edmond and Catherine emigrated to America but it is known that they were married in Macon County on January 25, 1864. They lived in Moultrie county, probably close to Dalton city since they are known to have been members of Sacred Heart parish in Dalton city.


  • John (1864-1953) never married
  • Mary (c1866-????) m. Frank HOGAN
  • Elizabeth Ellen (1868-1957) m. Thomas Francis SHEEHAN
  • Margaret “Maggie” (1873-1928) m. Daniel Twohy BRESNAN;
    at his death, Margaret was living in Defiance, Ohio
  • Edmond, Catherine and a few of their children are buried in St. Isidore Cemetery, Bethany, Illinois, where another Nolan from Co. Tipperary, James Nolan, is buried. It is not known if Edmond and James were related but there is certainly a possibility that they were.

1864 : Edward Nolan : Joliet, IL

[480] Edward Nolan (1832-1904) – from Co. Carlow, IE
[481] Elizabeth Cavanaugh (1844-1916) – from Co. Sligo, IE
Children: Mary Ellen (1864), John (1867), Laurance (1868), Catharine (1869), Anna (1871), Edward (1872), Sarah (1874) & Elizabeth (1876)

According to family tradition and, as indicated on his gravestone, Edward was “BORN IN COUNTY CARLO (sic Carlow) IRELAND”.

It is also known that he emigrated to the US in 1855 but not where he lived prior to his appearance in Illinois in the early 1860s.

Edward Nolan immigrated to the U.S. in 1855. His future wife, Elizabeth Cavanagh preceded him there as a young girl in 1847.

We do not know if Edward and Elizabeth knew each other for very long before marrying but what is known is that, on March 3, 1862, in Grundy county, Illinois, thye were married by a Reverend M. Syous. Their first child, Mary, was born in 1864 in Joliet, Illinois, where they settled down and began raising their family. Between 1864 and 1876, they had altogether 8 children: Mary Ellen, John, Laurance, Catharine, Anna, Edward, Sarah and Elizabeth.

Edward Jr. had 3 wives and, sometime during his lifetime, began to use Francis, his middle name, as his official name. His children’s names were Hazel, Agnes, John Bernard, Harold Joseph, Eileen, and Patricia.

Of Edward Jr’s children, Harold Joseph later became known simply as “Joseph”. He married a Mary Ward and they had three children: Patricia, Joseph, and Mary Jo.

The latter “Joseph” is the submitter’s father.

Evidence that this Nolan family’s roots are in Co. Carlow can be found on Edward Sr.’s tombstone which, in part, reads “BORN IN COUNTY CARLO IRELAND”.

1871 : George Nolan : Chicago, IL

[122] George Nolan (1846-1886) – from Mount Loftus, Co. Kilkenny, IE
[123] Mary Curran (???? – ????) – from Ireland
Children: John born in 1871 in Dublin, Ireland; Anna (1873), James (1876), Charles (1878), Mary (1880), William (1882) and Martin (1884), all born in Chicago, IL.

George, the 6th of 9 children of John Nowlan (1803-1889) and Mary Cuddy/Cuddihy (1811-1909), was born in 1846. His parents, although they had married in 1835 in Graiguenamanagh, Co. Kilkenny, now lived a bit further north at Mount Loftus, about half-way between Graiguenamanagh and Goresbridge, a post town on the Carlow-Kilkenny border.

George’s brothers and sisters were: James Nowlan (1838-1866 at Mt. Loftus), Mary Nolan (1840), Charles Nowlan (1842-1867 at Mt. Loftus), William Nolan (1843), Rebecca (1845), Michael (c1850-1938 in Dublin), Patrick (c1852-1930 in Dublin) and Martin (1854-1910 at Mt. Loftus).

In 1871, George married Mary, daughter of Pat Curran, at Graigue Chapel, Co. Kilkenny, and, soon afterward, emigrated to the US, settling down in the area of Chicago, IL.

Children of GEORGE NOLAN(1846-1886) and MARY CURRAN:

  • John Nolan (1871-1917) m. Minnie Fodge in 1892 in Chicago;
    three children: George L., Nellie and Kathleen
  • Anna Nolan (1873-1945) m. Thomas Fox TIPPING;
    nine children: William Thomas, James Martin, Thomas F. , Mary Ann, Charles, George Bernard and Edward Aloysious.
  • James Nolan (1876-1909) m.Delia Kiley in 1899 in St. Agnes Church, Chicago; six children: James (Father Egbert), Mary, William A., Joseph, Anna and George.
  • Charles Nolan (1878) m. Anna Hoppenroth; two sons: Edwin Charles and Walter; this family moved to Buffalo. NY.
  • Mary Nolan (1880-1903) m. Robert IRVING, circa 1902, Chicago; no children.
  • William Nolan (1882-1955) m. Agnes O’Shaugnessy;
    three children: William J., Grace and George D.
  • Martin Nolan (1884-1921) m. Sarah Moylan, 1916, Chicago;
    two children: Mary Louise and Robert Edward.

1890 : Bridget Nolan : London, OH

[262] Bridget Nolan (1858 – ????) – from Ireland
[263] Hugh Giblin (1858 – ????) – from Unknown
Children: Anna, William and Michael

In the late 1800s, a Bridget Nolan (1858) married a Hugh GIBLIN (1858) and they had 3 children. It is not known if they were married and had their children in Ireland or in the US. What is known, however, is that they eventually settled in the area of London, Ohio.

According to family tradition there is also some sort of link to Counties Cork or Limerick.

1903 : Catherine Nolan : Chicago, IL

[383] Catherine Nolan (1883-1977) – from Ballon, Co. Carlow
[384] William A. Ellis (???? – ????) – from Unknown
Children: William J., Catherine, Edward and Mary

In the late 1890s, seeminglinly after her father, Peter Nolan, had died, her mother, Mary, emigrated to America and settled in the Chicago area, leaving Catherine (1883) and her older sister Elizabeth (1880) behind until she could send for them.

In 1903, Catherine and her older sister “Lizzie” arrived in the U.S. and settled in with their mother in the Chicago area.

Catherine married William A. Ellis.

Catherine’s older sister, Lizzie, married a William Kiley.

In their married life, both sisters continued to live in the Chicago area and, sometime in the 1960’s, they made a short visit to their birthplace in Co. Carlow. They were well received by the local population and, at the time, the Irish newspapers (most likely the “Carlow Nationalist”) carried stories about the two Yanks’ short visit. For their part, the two sisters were quite stunned by the amount of change that had taken place in the area since their their youth.

1912 : William Nolan : Chicago, IL

[256] William Nolan (???? – ????) – from Unknown
[257] Mary O’Connor (???? – ????) – from Unknown
Children: William, Michael, Patrick, Charles, B???, Mollie and John

In 1912, William and Mary’s son Michael died and they are listed in his obituary. Given that no place names are given in the obituary, it is assumed for now William and Mary parents and Michael’s siblings all lived in the Chicago area. The funeral mass was held at St. Sylvester’s church with interment in the Mount Carmel cemetery.

At the time of Michael’s death, his sister B??? was married to a LEWIS.

1914 : Michael Nolan : Chicago, IL

[258] Michael Nolan (???? – 1914) – from Unknown
[259] Elizabeth Mclaughlin (???? – ????) – from Unknown
Children: Thomas, Margaret, Joseph, John, Frances, Marie and Gerald

Michael died in Chicago in 1914. The funeral mass was held at St. Agatha’s church with interment in the Mount carmel cemetery. At the time, he was predeceased by his son Thomas.

1920 : James Nolan : Youngstown, OH

[315] James Nolan (c1876 – ????) – from Youngstown, OH
[316] Margaret McGavin (c1878 – ????) – from Ohio
Children: William, Anna (1902), James (1903), Helen (1906), Donald (1908), Raymond (1910) and Edgar (1911)

In 1920, James and Margaret were living at 114 Marion Street in Youngstown, Ohio. Living with the family was a Robert E. Mcgavin, aged 38, quite likely a brother of Margaret. William, a known child, was not living with them possibly having already left the family household.

According to the 1920 census, James’ parents were born in Ohio. This would mean that James Nolan’s grandparents settled or were born in Ohio in the mid 1800s, and that his parents were living in Ohio when he was born around 1876.

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