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1861 : Mathew Nolan : New Orleans, LA

[183] Mathew Nolan (c1835- ????) – from Tullow, Co. Carlow, IE
[184] Mary Ann Norris (???? – ????) – from Unknown
Children: Daniel, Thomas Martin and Mary Catharine born between 1853 and 1861 in New Jersey; John Peter, Julia Mary, Mary Elizabeth (Mamie), and Mathew Martin born after 1861 in New Orleans

Mathew was born in Tullow, Co. Carlow, in the 1830s and emigrated to the US in 1853 initially settling down somewhere in New Jersey. He also had a sister Julia Mary born in 1841 who either accompanied him to the US or came later. In 1861, when Mathew moved with his family to New Orleans, she also followed him there, marrying a Michael SPELLMAN in 1866.

Mathew married Mary Ann in New Jersey sometime before 1853. Their first 3 children were born there and sometime before 1861 the family moved to New Orleans where the next 4 children were born.

Mathew and Mary Ann, perhaps because of their young age, seem to have had a troubled marriage and by 1870, based upon the census of that year, seem to have lost their first 3 children. Mary Ann died in 1871 after, according to family tradition, having been “deserted” by Mathew the year before.

Upon Mary Ann’s death, the 4 remaining children were put into an orphanage, but, by 1880, Mathew’s sister, Julia, and her husband, Michael Spellman, had taken in the two older children, John Peter and Julia. According to descendants, John “worked” for his uncle Michael Spellman and learned “math” from him.

It is not known what happened to Mathew after 1870 but it is believed that he went to Ohio or Alabama as papers for these areas were copied for his sister Julia’s obituary.


  • John Peter (aft 1861) married and did have children who survived to adulthood.
  • Julia Mary (aft 1861) married but her 3 children all died as infants; she herself died young at age 37.
  • Mary Elizabeth “Mamie” (aft 1861) married but remained childless.
  • Mathew Martin (aft 1861) never married.
  • John Peter, Julia, Mathew Jr. and Mary all lived and died in Algiers, Orleans parish, an area close to New Orleans, LA.

1861 : Julia Mary Nolan : New Orleans, LA

[266] Julia Mary Nolan (1841 – ????) – from Tullow, Co. Carlow
[267] Michael Spellman (???? – ????) – from Unknown
Children: Mary Ellen, John Peter

Julia Nolan was born August 09, 1841 in Tullow, County Carlow, and emigrated to the US around 1860 initially living in New Jersey where her brother Mathew lived. It is not known if she accompanied him or came later. Sometime before 1853 he had married a Mary Ann Norris and when they moved to New Orleans in 1861 she went with them.

In 1866, in New Orleans, Julia married Michael SPELLMAN. They had 2 children of their own, Mary Ellen and John Peter, and sometime before 1880, they took in the 2 older children of Julia’s brother Mathew, ie. John Peter and Julia Nolan, orphaned when their mother, Mary Ann, died in 1871.

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