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Families in Ulster

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1889 : Thomas Nolan : Co. Cavan, IE

[238] Thomas Nolan (???? – ????) – from Co. Cavan, IE
[239] Julia McGovern (???? – ????) – from Co. Cavan, IE
Children: James, Rose (a twin sister), Bernard, Annie, Rose, John, Bridget and Maggie

In 1889, Thomas and Julia were living in Co. Cavan, when 3 of their children, James, Bernard and Annie immigrated to the US via Canada. Remaining in Ireland were their 4 other children, Rose, a twin sister of James, John, Bridget and Maggie.

James, Bernard and Annie first went to Pennsylvania but eventually moved on to Rhode Island.

1921 : John Nolan : Armagh, N. Ireland

[455] John Nolan (1921-1986) – from Armagh, Northern Ireland
[456] unknown (???? – ????) – from Unknown
Children: ???

In 1921, John Nolan was born in Armagh, Northern Ireland. As a young boy he and his sister were given up for adoption. John ended up in Cork where he grew up and got married.

John always wanted to find his family and, now that he has passed away, his grandson, Henry Delaney, the submitter of this information, is picking up the quest for the family’s Nolan roots.

If anyone can shed light on John’s parents who would have lived in Armagh around 1920 please contact the webmaster who will relay the information to Henry.

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