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Bishop Edward Nolan of Tullow (1793-1834)

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“Consecration of Dr. Nolan on Tuesday last by Drs Murray, Keating and Kinsella. Five other bishops present, 130 priests and the students of the College. The huge congregation included many Protestant ladies and gentlemen who expressed themselves greatly pleased with the impressive ceremonies of a Roman Catholic consecration. Rev Mr. Esmonde preached on the text: “Behold, 1 am with you”. His Lordship entertained 200 guests at Hanlon’s (formerly Coftcy’s) Hotel.”
(Carlow Morning Post Saturday 1st Nov 1834)

“Celebrations at Tullow on Tuesday night in honour of Dr. Nowlan, ‘our townsman’. All windows lit up, … chapel band paraded … bell pealed … joy.” (Same, p. 3) “Dr. Nolan was born on the 21st of April 1793 at Tullow where his father, James Nolan, occupied a position of respectability. Sir Bernard Burke’s ‘Visitation of Seats and Arms,’ p. 57, sets forth his descent in a direct line from Cahir O’Nolan of Ballykealy, who died on the 15th of January, 1592. James Nolan who was born in 1758, married in 1787, Mary Moore of Tullow, and dying in 1819, left issue five sons, of whom Edward was the second eldest; and two daughters. Whilst the mother of the future bishop was still a girl Dr. Keefe, the then bishop, gave her an episcopal ring, telling her to keep it for one of her sons who should be a bishop. His mother kept the ring, not mentioning the matter except to her husband, and on Dr. O’Keefe’s demise, gave it to the Right Rev. Dr. Delany, informing him of the circumstances under which it came into her possession. Dr. Delaney accepted it, but only in trust, and returned it before his death, in 1814. This ring is still in the possession of a member of the family.”
(Comerford, Collections, Vol. l, p.122)

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