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The new book tentatively entitled “The Nolans, a people – from most ancient times to the present” picks up on the quest for a better understanding of Nolan family history first undertaken by Father John Nolan of Kirkcubbin in the 1920s. Unfortunately, dying prematurely his manuscript notes lay dormant for nearly a century until they were finally rediscovered in the late 1900s and, under the auspices of the newly-formed Nolan Clan family association (aka the Nolan Clan or Clan O Nolan) they were published, with the help of Art kavanagh of Bunclody, as a Nolan family history book entitled “O Nolan – the history of a people”(2000).

As newsletter editor for the Nolan Clan from 2004 to 2018 and also webmaster for the archival website ( see Nolan Clan Newsletters and Family Stories Knowledge Base) , I have written and continue to write research articles and family stories of interest to Nolans everywhere. Having seen firsthand how, with the advent of the Internet, our understanding of Nolan family history at the world level has grown in leaps and bounds, especially since the turn of the millenium, it is my intent to write a new updated family history book, expanding on the undertstanding first formulated by Fr. John Nolan of Kirkcubbin in the 1920s.

In the new book, I hope to:

  • shed greater light on the ancient origins of all known Nolan families (O Nuallain, O hUllachain, Nolan, Nowland, Noland, Nolins,  Knollin, Naulin,  …)

  • provide an improved understanding of the forces and historical events which drove many Nolan families to migrate within Ireland and beyond

  • document the story of many early Nolans who left Ireland and resettled in other parts of the world.

The timeframe for the publication of a new hard-copy Nolan family history book is still somewhat nebulous but the framework for supporting its writing is now in place, see, a worldwide archival website for Nolan-related storing/accessing information and , a website supporting an online research group focused on worldwide Nolan family research. Given the voluntary nature of this project

For now, in the absence of a new updated hard-copy Nolan family history book, the Nolan family researcher is refered to the articles found in the archival website’s “Research Articles” knowledge base with the caveat that the information found there may change over time as new information and insights surface.

It is also envisioned that, beyond the writing of the initial updated Nolan history book, articles will continue to be written and stored in the “Research Articles” knowledge base thereby informing the writing of follow-on editions.

Roger Nowlan, webmaster and editor (Email Me )
222 avenue De La Colline, Gatineau, QC, J9J 1T8 CANADA

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