This  is a personal not-for-profit website first created in 2004  to provide information to the world on the burgeoning modern-day Nolan Clan (founded in 1995 in Ireland) and also to begin building an online repertoire of Nolan-related information in support of the Clan’s third goal, namely “to create and maintain, for current and future generations, an archive of historical and anecdotal information of interest to Nolans everywhere”.

The ultimate aim of the website is to bring together in one place as much information as possible about early Nolan family history such that an improved understanding of early Nolan family history may be gained and shared with all within the global Nolan diaspora.

Via the website’s top-level menu you will find:

  • information on the Nolan Clan and its activities
  • a continually updated online Nolan family history book  
  • guidance on pursuing research into your Nolan family ancestry
  • an archive of historical and genealogical material
    of potential interest to Nolan family researchers
  • a means of  submitting Nolan-related information for inclusion in the global family archive hosted at this website and/or inclusion in the seminal version of an online Nolan history book currently targeted for completion by 2021.

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Roger Nowlan

webmaster and long-time member
of the Nolan Clan aka Clan O Nolan     
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facilitating research into the history and origins of the global Nolan diaspora