Where Help is Needed

The process of populating the archive’s knowledge bases (stories, memorials and research notes) to a serviceable level by 2025 (my personal goal) is not complicated when broken down into its individual parts and, for it to be a success, the input and participation of many is required.

Help is needed on the following fronts:

  • the identification of early Nolan family branches spread around the world and creation of “early Nolan family stories” (based upon the first two generations of the particular branch) for inclusion in the “Stories” knowledge base

  • the identification, collection and digitization (OCR or transcription) of Nolan-related historical information likely to be of interest to the Nolan diaspora (e.g. Fr. John Nolan’s manuscripts, the Nowlin-Stone genealogy, Glenn Allen Nolen’s notes, excerpts of Nolan memorials from Reynold Fieldcrest’s Memorials collection, etc.)

  • the analysis and cataloging by subject area of the collected Nolan-related historical information, creating an abstract/summary for each item reviewed

  • the writing of articles/essays for inclusion in the “Research Notes” knowledge base or as part of the online Nolan history book (NOTE: stories for inclusion in the “stories”

With help from people like yourself, the dream of creating a world-class “archive of Nolan-related information” as envisioned by the founders of the modern-day Nolan Clan in 1995 can become a reality. I therefore invite you to register your willingness to help.

Roger Nowlan

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Roger Nowlan
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