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This repository replaces the old stories database which was part of the previous version of the website (2004 version).  The new Knowledge Base implementation provides a simplified Search mechanism and is easily expandable to include many more early family stories from around the world, needed to get a clearer picture of early family migrations and experiences.

If you are an absolute beginner to family research browse through the links on the Family Research page to get tips on getting started and to familiarize yourself with what genealogical research process

If you are in the process of researching and documenting your family tree check out Genealogical Discussion Groups of particular interest to Nolan family researchers .

If you have already completed your Nolan family research to your satisfaction, Submit your early Family Story (story of first two generations) for inclusion in the Stories knowledge base which is part of this website.

If you are still plagued by a brick wall with no idea as to how to proceed any further to register with the new  “NolanFamilies” discussion group  (hosted at Grouos.IO) which I have specifically set up to discuss Nolan-related  genealogical brick walls and information about early Nolan family history which is often quite nebulous and misunderstood – all information gathered through this discussion group will then ultimately be archived for future generations at this website.

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Roger Nowlan
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