References – a “Gold Mine” of Information

This part of the website is meant to be the Nolan diaspora’s “Gold Mine” where as a Nolan descendant, friend or relative thereof you are given the opportunity to refine “raw materials” of interest to Nolan families i.e. documents, pictures, excerpts from books etc. to extract valuable “nuggets” of information. These “nuggets” of information in turn aid in the creation of draft articles which eventually migrate over to the website’s online knowledge bases (family stories, memorials and research notes) which in turn help in the periodic updating of the website’s top-level “Nolan History” pages.

If you have documents and pictures which you would like to have processed in the “Gold Mine” I invite you to Email me with the details and I can arrange to give you upload privileges.

Once granted access privileges a file manager window will appear below from where where you will be able to upload and download files to be analysed by volunteers for “nuggets” of information of interest to the Nolan diaspora.

Roger Nowlan
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Roger Nowlan
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