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In 2017 when I retired from my position as Newsletter Editor for the Nolan Clan I began redirecting my energies towards re-implementing the website using more-easily maintainable WordPress building blocks (i.e. WordPress baseline code, plugins, pages, post, etc.) thereby making it more easily manageable and maintainable.

As of March 2020, the re-implementation of the old website using the popular and widely used WordPress development platform is now complete.

The old pre-2020 Family Stories database in the original website has now been ported over to a new WordPress-based Family Stories Knowledge Base. It is however recognized that there are many more early family stories out there still to be documented for posterity and I invite all Nolan family researchers to SUBMIT their own early family story or, if their early Nolan family is already included in the knowledge base, to provide additional details which they believe should be included.

The old Nolan Memorial database  has also been ported over. Currently there is only information on Nolan memorials for Co. Carlow and a few bordering communities in the periphery of Co. Carlow. However, the new Memorials Knowledge Base will be capable of handling memorial information not only from Ireland but also for other parts of the world and it is urgent that these memorials be documented for posterity before they literally fade away or are removed to make way for new developments. As time permits, you are invited to SUBMIT any Nolan-related memorial information you may have in your possession.

A new third knowledge base has also been added to the website to store Nolan-related historical Anecdotes. Structured similarly to the already deployed Stories Knowledge Base it is intended to be used to store store and make available to the Nolan diaspora Nolan-related research notes collected not only by myself but also othjer researchers like myself who would like to preserve for future generations their insights and discoveries. As time permits, you are invited to SUBMIT any Nolan-related anecdote you may wish to share with the global diaspora.

Roger Nowlan, webmaster

Nolan Book -2022

2022 will mark roughly 100 years since the time when Fr. John Nolan of Kirkcubbin began documenting in manuscript form his understanding of Nolan family history. This is essentially the understanding reflected in the Nolan book “O Nolan – The History of a People” published in the Millenium year.

Recognizing the value of Fr. Nolan’s contribution in the 1920s and the need for a repeat of such an effort today, I am challenging myself to document for future generations the current – 2020s – understanding of Nolan family history in a freely-accessible online Nolan family history book.

The tentative title for the new book is ” The Nolans, a People – from Ancient Times to the Present” and you can already view the  current online draft of the new book  at this website. You can also Email me to provide comments or to offer to help.

In the new book I hope to:

  • shed light on the ancient origins of all known Nolan families (O Nuallain, O hUllachain, Nolan,Nowland, Noland, Nolins,  Knollin, Naulin,  …)
  • provide an improved understanding of the forces and historical events which drove many Nolan families to immigrate
  • provide an improved understanding of the forces and historical events which drove many Nolan families to immigrate
  • document the story of several representative early Nolan immigrants who left Ireland and resettled in other parts of the world

Roger Nowlan, webmaster

Family Treetops – 2023

Since 2004, with the aid of this website and through my own effort, I have been collecting and sharing early Nolan family stories with the world. As of January 2020 these early Nolan family stories have now been ported to a new Early Family Stories Knowledge Base with an easy-to-use keyword search front-end. However, the number of stories in this knowledge base is limited and far from complete.

To aid in my efforts to complete the writing a new Nolan history book by the end of 2022, I invite you and other Nolan family researchers from all around the world to Submit whatever information you may have about the first two generations of Nolans in your family tree.

Roger Nowlan, webmaster

1916 Easter Rising Anecdotes

Simultaneous with the 1916 Easter Rising in Ireland were several
other world events that still reverberate today: World War 1, the Russian revolution, the breakup of the Ottoman Empire, etc.

This traumatic era split families and friends, allegiances. Nolans were no exception with members on all sides of the questions.

The Nolan Clan reaches out to the worldwide Nolan diaspora and asks anyone reading this Blog posting and having information about a Nolan family member during the troubled 1916 time period to submit it for inclusion in the Clan’s historical archives.

Many Nolan families have connections to events related to the Rising. We hope to hear from Nolans at home in Ireland or wherever else the winds have taken us.

Many thanks to David and Orla Nowlan of Dublin for suggesting this project and for the fascinating story of David’s great, great uncle James Nowlan, first president of the Gaelic Athletic Association which played a significant role in the events leading up to the 1916 Easter Rising.

You may add to the current collection of 1916 era anecdotes by sending any information you might have directly to myself (Chris Nolan ).

Chris Nolan, Nolan Clan Chief (March 2016)

Roger Nowlan

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