Update – SEPT. 2019

In March 2017 I first announced that I would be retiring from my position as newsletter editor for the Nolan Clan (aka Clan O Nolan) and it was also around this time that the Clan began using social media (Clan O Nolan Facebook group) to communicate to interested parties up-to-date information about current and upcoming Clan activities such as the biannual clan gathering. In March 2019 the Clan made the jump to a new publication model that of the mobile-friendly eNewsletter (Clan O Nolan Email list), viewable on a myriad of electronic devices.

Despite my retirement as Nolan Clan newsletter editor, I want to reassure Nolan family researchers that I remain committed to researching early Nolan family history and archiving Nolan-related historical information, consistent with the Clan’s third goal, that is “to create and maintain, for current and future generations, an archive of historical and anecdotal information of interest to Nolans everywhere”.

To that end, since 2018, I have been focusing my attention on enhancing the archival and research capabilities of the website wanting to transform it into a world-class information repository (knowledge base).

I have already restructured the old 2004 legacy website to reflect the new emphasis on family research and archiving, and invite you to peruse it at your leisure.

Much work is still required to transform the website into a world-class Nolan information repository and, to that end, I have formulated three major initiatives which will hopefully bring us closer to that ultimate goal. These are:

  • Archives – 2025 i.e. the implemention by 2025 of a substantial online  knowledge base capable of supporting the easy online storage and retrieval of early Nolan-related family stories, historical anecdotes, genealogies, memorials,  reference texts or links thereto, etc., based upon  information submissions received via this website by 2025 starting with the addition of the information formerly hosted at the old pre-2020 website and  supplemeted with additional information submissions received via this website by 2025 
  • Family Stories – 2021 i.e. the collection by 2021 of a sufficient number of early Nolan family stories from around the world to be able to write a representative history of Nolans in every part of the world where they are found today
  • Nolan Book – 2021 i.e. the completion by 2021 of the seminal online version of a Nolan family history book intended to be further refined and expanded upon by current and future generations

In this and future issues of the “ News Brief”, I plan to report on the progress being made on the above-stated goals/initiatives.  Please note that this  new newsletter  is not a replacement for the existing Clan O Nolan (aka Nolan Clan) Newsletter but rather a special newsletter summoning forth the energies of the wider Nolan diaspora/community to build a dedicated Nolan-related archival/research facility in support of worldwide Nolan family research.

If you are not interested  in receiving further issues of this new newsletter simply click on the unsubscribe link appearing at the end of this Email. Please note that unsubscribing from this newsletter will not affect your existing subscription in the  Clan O Nolan Newsletter (if such is the case).

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