The first Gathering of the modern-day Nolan Clan was held in 1996 shortly after the creation of the Clan organization. For the first few years, Gatherings were held annually and, since 2000, they have been held every second year.

The  next worldwide Clan Gathering will be held in Galway city on the September 8-10, 2023, weekend. As plans for this gathering develop further information will be posted in the  Clan O’Nolan Facebook Group .

Given that planned activities for any clan gathering usually cover only one, two or at most three days, clan members planning to attend a gathering are strongly advised to coordinate their attendance with a broader programme of activities for themselves and their party while in Ireland, including perhaps making visits to friends, conducting personal family research (see links in this Travel to Ireland , sightseeing, visiting museums, historic theme parks, etc.

To get some idea of what awaits you at the Gathering in Ireland here is a link to the Programme for the 2017 Nolan Gathering and you will find the report of this gathering in the March 2018 issue of the Clan Newsletter .

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