Clann Ó Nualláin

The Nolan Clan includes the families of O’Nuallain, O’Nolan, Nolan, Nowlan, Nowland, Nowlin, Noland, Nolin, Knowlan, Knowland and a multitude of variants thereof, and, owes its current embodiment largely to Tom Nolan of Slyguff, Muine Bheag, Co. Carlow.

Tom, a devoted family man, enjoyed traditional Irish music, playing both the fiddle and the button accordion, and pursued an active interest in ancestral history  …  and so it was that in 1995 a group of acquaintances that Tom had made while doing ancestral research first got together to share their mutual interests (at places such as the “Fighting Cocks” in Co. Carlow). The group met frequently and in 1996 applied for and was accepted for membership in the “Clans of Ireland”, Tom Nolan of Slyguff, becoming the first Chief of the modern-day Nolan Clan (Clann Ó Nualláin).

Operationally the modern-day clan is a voluntary, non-profit family organisation, relying upon its membership for fund-raising, organizing clan activities and recruiting new members.

Membership in the clan is open to anyone around the world who supports its goals and aspirations, these being:

  • to organize a Clan Gathering every second year
  • to publish a Clan Newsletter at least once a year
  • to create and maintain, for current and future generations, an archive of historical and anecdotal information of interest to Nolans everywhere.

To join the Nolan Clan, all that is required is to fill-out a Membership Application Form and to mail it in to the clan treasurer with payment (currently set at 10 Euros or its equivalent per year).

From its humble beginnings in Ireland, clan membership now extends to all parts of the world and clan gatherings have continued to be held biannually, except for the recent lapse due to COVID-19 restrictions.

The next clan gathering is planned for 2023 in Galway and it is hoped that it will be well-attended. Updates regarding the gathering will be communicated to the membership via the Clan O’Nolan Facebook group and periodic newsletters sent out by the Chief.

To get an idea of what awaits you here is the programme for the gathering in 2017.