New Streamlined Way to Submit Information

Back in 2021 I established knowledge bases capable of containing Nolan-related information for Nolan family stories, research articles and Nolan memorials for generations to come and, as of last week,

I have introduced a streamlined process for the submission of Nolan-related information for eventual incorporation into the website’s knowledge bases, helping in the writing of research articles and aiding Nolans within the worldwide diaspora to research their family roots.

Information may be submitted to the NolanFamilies archival website using the “Submit Information” menu selection. Each information submission (first field in the infomation entry form) is categorized according to one of the following Topics:

  • 0 – Family Lines
  • 0 – Family Quests
  • 0 – Y DNA Groupings
  • 1- Mists of Time
  • 2 – Family Name
  • 3 – Family Crest
  • 4 – Global Presence
  • 5 – Medieval History
  • 6 – Modern History
  • 7 – Nolan Professions
  • 8 – Famous Nolans
  • 9 – Other

Submissions under Topics 1 to 9 and other independent research material inform the writing of research articles for inclusion in the website’s “Research Articles” Knowledge Base which in turn are meant to inform the writing of an eventual hard-copy book organized along the same lines as the initial submissions, giving credit where credit is due.

Having researched Nolan family history now for over 25 years I recognize that there is still much to elucidate about the origins of the various Nolan family lines spread around the world and, last year, to help along this process of discovery I created an online group to specifically research Nolan family origins and to help Nolan researchers discover more about their family roots. The website landing page for this group which currently meets online once a month is .

Submissions under Topics “0 – Family Lines” and “0 – Y DNA Groupings” are considered to be informative in nature, informing the group and the Nolan diaspora at large whereas the submissions under topic “0 – Family Quests” are seen as requests for study by the online research group mentioned above.

In the case that a Nolan researcher submits information about their family (“0 – Family LInes” information submission) their submission is not actively considered by the research group but, if, at a later date, they have time and would like their line to be actively researched by the group, they only have to change the topic of their information submission from “0 – Family Lines” to “0 – Family Quests”.

I should also mention here that, for security reasons, Nolan researchers must register with the archival website before they can submit information. Once a researcher has registered and submitted information that same information can be edited at any time by the author using the same webpage as was used for the entry of the information. After logging into the website, then clicking on the “Submit Information” menu selection, each registered website user will see a form for entering another submission followed by a table listing any previous submissions which he/she can edit.

All information submissions made to the website, except for Email information, are publicly visible by clicking on the “Submissions” menu selection. Assuming someone would want to contact the information submitter, for the moment, that will have to be done through my intermediary

With all good wishes,

Roger Nowlan,
webmaster for and
facilitator for the online Research Group

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