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If you are interested in helping out with building and improving the archive of Nolan-related information found at this website I invite you to

or to communicate directly with me by Email or by regular mail (see below). As an incentive to help, those who volunteer to help will be provided with access to a “Gold Mine” of information (a private online repository/knowledge base of information) ready to be “mined” for Nolan-related information to be published as articles in the websites three public knowledge bases, namely Family Stories, Nolan Memorials and Research Notes.

A read through my write-up on current website initiatives ( i.e. Archives 2025, Nolan Book 2021 and Family Treetops 2021 ) should give you some idea of where you might be able to help out.

Although the main role played by this website is archival in nature, the website also serves as a landing spot on the Internet for the Nolan Clan family association founded in 1995. At this point, however, only basic information about the Clan and its activities is provided here (e.g. membership application, etc.).

Roger Nowlan

(Contact Me)

Roger Nowlan
222 Ave. De La Colline
Gatineau, QC  J9J 1T8

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