Happy St Patrick’s Day to All – Mar 2024

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A very blessed and Happy St Patrick’s day to all!

Yes, we have reason to celebrate if for nothing else that we have each other and that, despite all the worldly troubles and turmoil to which we are witness, on the whole, there are more good things happening and than bad ones. Daily, we witness kind gestures, sometimes in the most unexpected places, which warm our hearts and give us hope for peace and harmony amongst all peoples of the earth.

On my side, I also rejoice in the fact that I am making headway in establishing a worldwide repository of Nolan-related information, a vision which, as a Nolan Clan member, I first began implementing back in 2004.

Back in 2021 I established knowledge bases capable of containing Nolan-related information for Nolan family stories, research articles and Nolan memorials for generations to come and, as of last week,

I have introduced a new streamlined process for the submission of Nolan-related information for eventual incorporation into the website’s knowledge bases, helping in the writing of research articles and aiding Nolans within the worldwide diaspora to research their family roots. For further details see the other News Brief explaining the new information submission process.

With all good wishes,

Roger Nowlan,
webmaster for NolanFamilies.org and
facilitator for the online Research Group groups.io/g/nolanfamilies


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