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Irish Genealogy Toolkit

Irish Genealogy Toolkit

… this a website where “You’ll find all the information and contacts you need to help you discover your heritage in Ireland. Whether you’re just starting out on your family history search or you’ve already made some headway on your journey, Irish Genealogy Toolkit will lead you to a greater understanding of how your ancestors lived and where you come from.providing information on getting started with family research in Ireland”

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Based upon currently known Nolan DNA test results (at the FamilyTreeDNA website) we know that most modern-day Nolan descendants, like most males with European origins, belong to the R1b haplogroup/subtree of the human family.

Armed with this fact, you may also want to explore what modern-day archaeogeneticists have discovered about the early wanderings of our distant Nolan ancestors prior to reaching Ireland.


Of particular interest to Nolan descendants should also be a book published in 2000 under the sponsorship of the modern-day Nolan Clan family association.  Entitled O’Nolan – The History of a People it is still available for purchase (if interested click on the above link).



You may also want to take a look at the:

  • Nolan-Miller Family History website
    … besides documenting the results of personal family history research by a Nolan descendant (Lewis “Buzz” Nolan), this website also includes a travelogue component, describing the travels of Buzz and his wife Betty

For information on an area in Ireland where you plan to spend more time I recommend that you do an Internet search for a website for that area. For example, entering search parameters [  “Ballon Village”    website  ] in the search field of your favourite search engine (e.g., you will find the Ballon Village website amongst the top 5 search results.  Such “local” websites offer prospective visitors a rare glimpse into modern-day life in Ireland.

Here are links to a few such “local websites” identified using the technique described above:

Although you can theoretically make all your arrangements for travel and accommodation before leaving for Ireland you will inevitably want to make some arrangements once in Ireland. For the benefit of visitors, Failte Ireland (the Government tourism agency) has a network of tourist offices strewn across the country, including at airports, where travel and accommodation may be arranged.