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Helping with the Website

If you are interested in helping out with building and improving the archive of Nolan-related information found at this website I invite you to Submit your Offer to Help or to communicate directly with me by Email or by regular mail (see below). As an incentive to help, those who volunteer to help will be … Read More

Nolan Book – 2026

In the 1920s, shortly before his death, Fr. John Nolan of Kirkcubbin began documenting in manuscript form his understanding of Nolan family history. Under the auspices of the Nolan Clan, Fr. Nolan’s book was completed posthumously in the Millenium year by Art Kavavanagh, a prominent author and historian at the time. The book (“O Nolan … Read More

Early Family Stories – 2023

Since 2004, with the aid of this website and through my own effort, I have been collecting and sharing early Nolan family stories with the world. As of January 2020 these early Nolan family stories are now available in a new Early Family Stories Knowledge Base with an easy-to-use keyword search frontend. However, the number … Read More