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4218 viewsLayout of St Fintan RC church
and Ballinabrana cemetery
found in the Reynolds Fieldcrest
Transcriptions Collection (1995)
Edward's father, also called Edward "Ned"2006 viewsEdward Sr. died in 1953 at 90 years of age.
Helen Nowlan - c. 19152002 viewsAround 1861, Helen married James Nowlan, son of Moses Nowlan of Pokemouche, NB, and had three sons, twins Edward "Ned" and Michael born in 1863 and another son, Joseph "Jos", born in 1869. Helen's husband, James, died sometime between 1871 and 1881 and the family was left to fend for itself.
1031 viewsThe following transcriptions
were found in "Co. Kilkenny
Tombstone Transcriptions"
a book published
by St Mullins Muintir na Tire
Heritage Centre
958 viewsThe following tombstone
transcriptions are partly
based upon information
compiled both by Reynolds
Fieldcrest (1996)
942 viewsTourist Information on Shankill Castle
800 viewsMain Square, Carlow Town
The following transcriptions
were found in "Co. Carlow
Tombstone Transcriptions"
a book published
by St Mullins Muintir na Tire
Helene Nowlan c. 1915763 viewsHelene was born February 21, 1832. She was of Irish ancestry but her maiden name is not known. She married James Nowlan, son of Moses Nowlan of Pokemouche, around 1862 and they had 3 children, twins Edward "Ned"and Michael born in 1863 and another son Joseph "Jos" born in 1869. They lived with a bachelor uncle, Peter Nowlan, brother of Moses, who had been born on PEI around 1809. Both James and his uncle Peter died sometime between 1871 and 1881 leaving the family to fend for itself. Helen died February 17, 1923, a few days short of her 91st birthday.
707 viewsThis tombstone is Erected [by]
MARY DISNEY in memory of her
husband ROBERT DISNEY who [dep'd]
this life the 5th? day of August ????
Aged 85?

William Nowlan & Madeleine Landry643 viewsWilliam and his two elder brothers, Thomas and John are believed to have received land from their father in the Coates Mills area. This land was originally obtained by Peter around 1845 probably after it had been logged to feed the nearby "Coates' Mill". Thomas and John built homes in Coates Mills but William built in St-Fran├žois-de-Kent closer to his parents' home at the Little Buctouche river.
The Nolan boys - 1917590 views5 of John and Anna's 6 sons
(John, the eldest son, drowned in 1913)
front row: Merton, Dennis
back row: Michael, Thomas, Edward.
At the time the picture was taken,
Dennis, shown in uniform, came home
from fighting in Germany (during WW1).
View of Peter Nowland's House - 1915570 viewsPeter's original house and barn were located on the south side of the Little Buctouche river on property he obtained from his father-in-law, Jean-Pierre Jaillet (alias John Shayer); in this 1915 photo taken by J.Y. Mersereau, an NB government photographer, the house and barn appear to the left of the bridge. In 1881, Peter's widow, Modeste, and their youngest son, Pierre, were still living there.
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