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Echoes of 1818 - a tale of emigration519 viewsThis is an article about the family's early beginnings starting in Ireland and ending with the first generation in New Brunswick.
Map of New Brunswick344 viewsPeter and his brother Edward arrived in the "Colonies" in 1818 and settled in New Brunswick.
Map of Kent County392 viewsEdward married Isabelle LeBlanc in Richibucto-Village in 1822.
Peter married Modeste Jaillet in Richibucto in 1828
Richibucto Village, NB - early 1900s566 views
Buctouche, NB - 1893509 viewsPeter and Edward both settled in the Buctouche area, Peter on the south side of the Little Buctouche river and Edward on the north side of the Buctouche river around the area now known as Kent Boom.
Buctouche, NB - 1911439 viewsView of the harbour
Buctouche, NB - early 1900s508 viewsView of the main street
View of Peter Nowland's House - 1915572 viewsPeter's original house and barn were located on the south side of the Little Buctouche river on property he obtained from his father-in-law, Jean-Pierre Jaillet (alias John Shayer); in this 1915 photo taken by J.Y. Mersereau, an NB government photographer, the house and barn appear to the left of the bridge. In 1881, Peter's widow, Modeste, and their youngest son, Pierre, were still living there.
William Nowlan's House543 viewsWilliam, Peter Nowland's third son sold his piece of land in Coates Mills and built in St. Fran├žois-de-Kent, closer to his parents house at the Little Buctouche River. King's Lodge now stands where William's house once stood.
William Nowlan & Madeleine Landry644 viewsWilliam and his two elder brothers, Thomas and John are believed to have received land from their father in the Coates Mills area. This land was originally obtained by Peter around 1845 probably after it had been logged to feed the nearby "Coates' Mill". Thomas and John built homes in Coates Mills but William built in St-Fran├žois-de-Kent closer to his parents' home at the Little Buctouche river.
Peter & Rachel - grandchildren of Peter533 viewsPeter and Rachel who never married are shown here in front of the house built in Coates Mills, NB, in the mid 1800s by their father Thomas Nowlan. Thomas was Peter Nowland's eldest son.
Roger Nowlan - a great-grandchild of Peter503 viewsgreat-grandson of William Nowlan & Madeleine Landry
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