"Roger's Ark" (archive) is meant to serve as a long-term archive for information gathered via the top-level pages of the NolanFamilies.org website and organised into into 5 major sections:

It is an accumulation of material collected by myself over many years with the intention that it be retained for future generations of Nolans much in the same way that Fr. John Nolan in the 1920s collected his research material in a small suitcase which over time as it was passed on from generation to generation became known as "The Ark". One major improvement, however, is that the filing of information in digital form and online facilitates searches through all the material by not only myself but also by anyone interested in Nolan family history.

In the same way that the material in Father Nolan's "Ark" formed the basis for the writing of the Nolan book entitled "O Nolan - The History of a People" published under the auspices of the Nolan Clan in the Millenium year (2000), it is my hope that the material collected in this archive will inform the writing of the next Nolan history book which I hope to finish in the 2020 timeframe.

Roger Nowlan

member of the Nolan Clan since 1997