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Family History

The Nolan family whose roots are clouded by the mists of time has history spanning nearly two millenia.

Sometime around the 9th century our Irish forefathers adopted a Gaelic family name , Ó Nualláin, Ó hUllacháin or ni hUllacháin. With the arrival of the Normans in the 12th century the aforementioned three Irish Gaelic family names began to be rendered in English in various forms. The Ó Nualláin family name was predominantly rendered as O'Nolan and some with the Gaelic family names Ó hUllacháin and ni hUllacháin also began using O'Nolan as a surname.

Sometime in the last few centuries a family crest was granted to the noble family of the O`Nolans.

It is also a fact that all Nolans do not share a common ancestor but rather a common heritage. This is confirmed by current DNA findings which show that modern-day Nolans are divided into many DNA Nolan lines . The reasons for this are many and the beginnings of a rationale as to why this is so is offered on the webpage accessed by the preceding link.

With the increased use of the English language and migrations within and out of Ireland many new forms of the family name surfaced such as Nolan, Noland, Nolen, Nolin, Nowland, Nowlan, Nowling, Newland, Knowland, Knowlan, Knowling, Knollin, etc.

Today there are Nolans to be found far and wide, in a global diaspora.

To get a better sense of the context in which Nolan family history occurred the visitor to this website is encoraged to browse through various other websites dealing more generally with Irish heritage and history.

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