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News of Interest to Nolans

Nolan Gathering
- 8-9-10 Sept 2017

The date for the next Clan Gathering has been set for the weekend of 8-9-10 September 2017.

Click here for more details!.


New Nolan Book

Roger Nowlan, the webmaster and current editor of the yearly newsletter of the worldwide Nolan Clan family association is undertaking to write a new Nolan book documenting the improved understanding of Nolan family history which has evolved since the advent of the Internet and the ensuing greater access to old family records and ancient texts.

Click on the following link to read more about the new Nolan book project .

First Nolan Book
- still available!

The Nolan Clan has sold out its supply of the book entitled "O'Nolan - the History of a People" published in 2000.  However, a Print-On-Demand version is still available from the eStore. Just enter "O Nolan - the History of a People" in the Amazon search box to find it.

Easter Rising
- Anecdotes Project

You may add to the Nolan Clan's collection of 1916 era anecdotes by sending any information you might have either directly to Chris Nolan or to a general Email account which has been set-up to receive information of possible interest to the Nolan diaspora and for posting to the website. See BLOG entry regarding the project.

Next Newsletter
- March 2018

The last Nolan Clan Newsletter was mailed out in early March 2017, in time for St. Patrick's Day. The next one will be sent out around the same time in 2018. If you have any material for inclusion in the next newsletter please contact Roger Nowlan, the Newsletter editor.