Nolan Clan

Nolan Clan

The modern-day O'Nolan Clan, with its primary focus on primary focus on fellowship and the promotion of Nolan family heritage, was established in 1995-1996 when a few Nolans, sharing a common interest in ancestral history, banded together and established the O'Nolan Clan. These early pioneers of the Clan were mostly from County Carlow, Ireland, the ancestral homeland of many Nolans. Since that time, several Clan Gatherings have been held and the membership has grown, extending to other counties in Ireland and other countries.

Membership is open to anyone from around the world who supports the aims of the Clan and includes the families of Ó Nualláin, O'Nolan, Nolan, Nolen, Nolin, Noland, Nowland, Nowlan, Nowlin, Knollin, Knowlan, Knowland and any other families bearing a variant of those names.

The "O'Nolan Clan", as it is officially known, is a voluntary non-for-profit organisation based in Ireland whose aims are:

As a voluntary organization, the Clan relies entirely upon its membership for fund-raising, organizing clan activities and recruiting new members. Clan Gatherings are held every 2nd year and the Clan Newsletter is mailed out at least once a year.

Membership dues are to be paid upon joining and, thereafter, prior to March 17 of each calendar year. The yearly membership fee per household, in the various local currencies of interest, is currently set at 10 Euros,  $13 USD, $15 CAD or $17 AUD.

To join (or renew your membership in) the Nolan Clan simply print out a Membership Application/Renewal Form and, after filling it out, mail it in with a personal cheque in your local currency for one or more years' membership.

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