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United States: Mountain States

1883: Stephen Nolan : Monero, New Mexico

1918: unknown Nolan : Idaho

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1883 : Monero, New Mexico
[476] Stephen Nolan (c1848-aft1910) - from Ireland
[477] Anastasia Dooling (c1852- 1935) - from Ireland
Children: Laurence (1865), Mary (1875), Kathrine (1876), Anastasia (1881), Bridget (1883) and William (1887)

More Information on Stephen, Anastasia and children:

According to US census records, Stephen and Anastasia were both born in Ireland as were their parents. Based upon baptismal records, they appear to have been Catholics and likely married in Carlow town where, according to LDS records, their first child, Lawrence/Laurence, was born on June 16, 1865.

Census records also indicate that they emigrated to the US in 1880 first settling in Colorado where Anastasia was born, in Leadville, in February 1881. However, by 1883, the family had moved on to New Mexico where their next child, Bridget, was born in New Monero. This is where they settled down and lived out the remainder of their days.

NOTE: The submitter's mother, Bridget Ellen (Nolan) White, daughter of William Nolan (1887-????) remembers her grandmother Anastasia and some mention of Cork in early family converstation suggesting that the port of Cork may have the family's departure point from Ireland.

1918 : Idaho
[274] unknown Nolan (???? - ????) - from Unknown
[275] unknown O'Brien (???? - ????) - from Unknown
Children: Philip M. (1918)

On June 1, 1918, a Philip M. Nolan was born in Idaho to a Nolan father and an O'Brien mother. Philip later married a Peterson. He died in March 1992 in San Jose, Santa Clara Co., CA.

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