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The form appearing below is for subscribing to periodic News Briefs of the website, a personal not-for-profit website closely allied to the Nolan Clan family association (aka Clan O Nolan) but primarily focused on “discovering early Nolan family roots” …

and realizing the Clan’s dream of creating and maintaining a world-level treasure trove of Nolan-related information i.e. “to create and maintain, for current and future generations, an archive of historical and anecdotal information of interest to Nolans everywhere” (the Clan’s 3rd goal, the first two goals being the publication of a Clan newsletter and the organisation of Clan gatherings).

Current projects being pursued through this website include: the development and expansion of an online database of early family treetop stories and Nolan-related historical anecdotes and; the writing and deployment of an online Nolan family history book to be completed in its seminal version by 2021.

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Roger Nowlan, webmaster
and member of the Nolan Clan since 1997

facilitating research into the history and origins of the global Nolan diaspora