On the Genealogical Research subpage you will find links to:

  • Websites on how to conduct Genealogical Research
  • Single-Family Personal Archives ( e.g. Nolans of Pennsylvania)
  • DNA testing and results (ftDNA etc.)
  • National Archives institutions
  • Independent Archives (Google etc.)
  • Genealogical Archives (FamilySearch etc.)

After familiarizing yourself with the rudiments of genealogical research and before launching into serious family research, I would recommend that you familiarize yourself with the information accessed via the links on the  Irish History  and Irish Geography subpages. This will enable you to better understand and interpret whatever information you uncover related to your family ancestry.

Ideally, as was the case for myself, you should be able to trace the area of origin in Ireland through historical records in the adopted homeland. If you lack information about your Nolan ancestor’s origins in Ireland you may be able to get a general idea by doing a Quick Search for your Ancestor in Ireland or, after making a link to distant Nolan relatives through DNA Testing , thereby narrowing your area of search in Ireland.

Having exhausted all sources of information at your disposal you may also want to consider Travel to Ireland  to get a better feel for your Irish heritage and seek out yet undiscovered sources of information (e.g. local cemetyeries) which might help you in your research.

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