In the early 1920s, a Fr. John Nolan,  a parish priest with
Co. Kerry and earlier Co. Carlow roots, put together the first draft of a Nolan family history book but, falling ill, he only managed to complete a first draft of the book.   His manuscripts, however, were retained and passed down from generation to generation in the hope that someone would eventually complete the work that he had begun.

Shortly after the founding of the modern-day Nolan Clan (1995) Father Nolan’s manuscripts were brought to the attention of the clan and soon a fund-raising campaign was mounted to pay for someone to complete Fr. Nolan’s book. That someone was Art Kavanagh, an amateur historian and well-known author.

The book entitled “O Nolan – the History of a People”, with an initial print run of 1000, was launched in the context of the Nolan Clan’s Millenium year gathering in 2000. Since then there have been two print runs and now the book,in its third printing, albeit as a “Print-On-Demand” book is available through

NOTE:  Due to the late addition of extra pages in the first edition, the page numbering in the index at the back of the book is in error. Here is a copy of the CORRECTED INDEX .

Recognizing that the Nolan family history book published in the Millenium year largely reflects the vision of Nolan family history as it existed in the 1920s, Roger Nowlan, a long-time member of the Nolan Clan and, for many years, Newsletter Editor for the Clan, is undertaking to write a second Nolan family history book reflecting the now broader understanding of Nolan family history which has emerged as a result of the research spurred on by the greater sharing and accessibility to information brought on by the advent of the Internet. You can read more about Roger’s plan for a new book in this post.


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