Genetic Genealogy

This section of the website is reserved for the sharing of information derived from  DNA analyses, such as:

  • previously unknown genetic relationships between recognized modern-day Nolan lines e.g. the Nolan/Nowlans who settled in the  Placentia Bay area in Newfoundland and those settled in the Buctouche area of New Brunswick, Canada.
  • migration and branching information derived from a comparison of the DNA results of ancient humans with those of modern-day humans (i.e. from the new field of archaeogenetics)
  • membership of modern-day Nolans from a particular established line of Nolans (e.g. Shangarry Nolans) in a particular genetic haplogroup and subclade (e.g. R1b-L21) of the human family derived from archaeogenetics

For anyone interested in knowing more about DNA testing and archaeogenetic results here are a few choice links to explore:

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