Ad-Hoc Materials

Besides the Clan Newsletter, the Clan publishes ad-hoc material related to Clan administration and the organisation of biannual gatherings. A few of the more significant ones are listed below:

“O Nolan – the History of a People” (2000)

In its early years (1996-2000) the Clan was also involved in bringing to print the first Nolan family history book begun in the early 1900s by a Father John Nolan of Kirkcubbin. Unfortunately, due to an early death, Fr. Nolan never completed his history book but his manuscripts were passed on from genration to generation, the Nolans of Ballaghmore being the last family, to take possession of his manuscripts and notes.

Upon becoming a Clan member, Mary (Nolan) Fitzsimons, a Ballaghmore Nolan, made the other members aware of Fr Nolan’s notes and a project was launched to finish his book. Thanks to the efforts of the Clan and the help of Art Kavanagh, a well-known historian iand author, the first Nolan history book based largely on Fr Nolan’s notes was completed and launched in 2000, the Millenium year.

The book entitled “O Nolan – the History of a People”, with an initial print run of 1000, was launched in the context of the Nolan Clan’s Millenium year gathering in 2000. Since then there have been two print runs and now the book,in its third printing, albeit as a “Print-On-Demand” book is available through

“A Fresh Look at the Nolans – a People
from Ancient Times to the Present” (2021)

Recognizing that the Nolan family history book published in the Millenium year largely reflects the understanding of Nolan family history as it existed in the 1920s, Roger Nowlan, a member of the Clan O Nolan sinc e 1997 and Newsletter Editor for Clan O Nolan from 2004 to 2018, is undertaking to write a follow-on Nolan family history book reflecting the now much broader understanding of Nolan family history which has emerged since the advent of the Internet age. You can read more about Roger’s plan for a new Nolan history book in this post.

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