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Knowledge Base of Early Nolan Family Stories

If you have already researched and documented your early Nolan family history, I invite you to Submit your early Family Story for sharing with other Nolan family researchers via this website. 

If you are relatively new to genealogical research and have not yet researched your Nolan family connection, I invite you to read/browse through the information on the webpages accessed via the Genealogy How-To and and Websites links page. You may also want to explore other genealogy-related websites accessed via the Useful Links menu option in the sidebar.

For those who are still hotly pursuing their quest to sourmount their Nolan-related brick wall I invite you to Join the new NolanFamilies group/mail-list  (i.e. the mail list) which I have specifically set up to discuss with the wider Nolan diaspora Nolan-related  genealogical brick walls and aspects of early Nolan family history which are still very nebulous - in support of my non-profit  website.

Roger Nowlan, webmaster (Email Me )