Nolan Book – 2021

The Nolans, a People from most Ancient Times to the Present

This is the draft version of a book which is currently targeted for completion in 2021. After the release of the first edition chapters will be updated periodically based upon new discoveries or revised historical narratives.

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Migrations
    (see d material currently being written
    based upon the result of my own personal research 1997-present), as reflected in past Nolan Clan newsletters)
  • Family Stories
    (selected family stories, to be written, representative of Nolan life and settlement around the world based upon: family stories
    found in the first Nolan book, “O Nolan – history of a People” by Fr. John Nolan and Art Kavanagh and; family stories submitted (see Family Stories in Archives section of this website)
  • Hall of Fame
    (to be written – summary of the lives of famous Nolans such as: Captain Louis Edward Nolan of the Light Brigade; Philip Nolan, filibuster and frontiersman in Texas and Mexico, etc. )

NOTE from the Editor

This online book is not meant to be a definitive history of the Nolans, written solely by myself but rather a “living book”, one that will be continually improved and updated during my lifetime and beyond. For the moment, I see myself as editor-in-chief, planting the seed for a book which I hope will grow, in both its online and hardcopy forms, honouring the memory of our Nolan ancestors and the founding members of Clan O Nolan.

Drawing upon my many years of experience in researching and writing Nolan family history articles primarily for the Nolan Clan Newsletter (2004-2018) and also for the Ballon-Rathoe Chronicle ( 2005, 2007, 2008 and 2010) and the Carloviana magazine (one or two articles), I have begun writing seed material for a few parts of the book and will contintue to do so until the first edition of the book is completed, hopefully sometime in 2021. If you would like to contribute to this effort I invite you to visit the How You Can Help section of this website.

In support of the primary goals of the Clan O’Nolan family organisation, this book attempts to instill within the worldwide Nolan diaspora a greater sense of aim of this book is foster the ultimate aim of this book is to foster, within the worldwide Nolan diaspora, a greater appreciation for the fascinating story of their Nolan ancestors spanning several millenia and most continents.

Roger Nowlan

webmaster and long-time member
of the Nolan Clan aka Clan O Nolan     
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facilitating research into the history and origins of the global Nolan diaspora