Nolan History

from most Ancient Times to the Present


This burgeoning online Nolan history book is a tribute to the early founding members of Clan O Nolan, those who, during the early years of the Clan starting in 1995, set the wheels in motion to revive the bonds of friendship and kinship of the ancient Clann O Nuallain (aka Nolan Clan and Clan O Nolan) , a clan steeped in history and with origins lost in the “Mists of time”, going back to the 4th century BC when Ugaine Mor, its “famous” ancestor, the “Nuallain”, was Ard Ri (protector and law giver) for most of the Celtic tribes in north-western Europe.


INTRODUCTION (to be written)

THE DNA & THE MANY BLOOD LINES (text to be revised)

THE FAMILY NAME (text to be revised)

THE FAMILY COAT OF ARMS (text to be revised)

GLOBAL PRESENCE (text to be revised)

THE MISTS OF TIME (text to be revised)

MIGRATIONS (text to be revised and expanded)

MODERN HISTORY (for now only an outline)

  • to be written based upon available Nolan-related historical anecdotes: Nolan book published in the Millenium year, Nolan Clan newsletter (1997-2018), personal collection of historical anecdotes and other historical anecdotes gleaned from books and publications including the 1916 Easter Rebellion Anecdotes collected by the Nolan Clan

NOTABLE FAMILY STORIES (link to source material)

  • to be written based upon selected family stories in this website’s Family Stories knowledge base (see above link), representative of Nolan life and settlement around the world over the past 400 years, also stories found in the first Nolan book, “O Nolan – history of a People” by Fr. John Nolan and Art Kavanagh

SOME FAMOUS NOLANS (links to source material)

  • to be written based upon available online sources

CAVEAT and Call for Help

Given its online nature, just like for Wikipedia articles and WikiTree family trees, this book will never be “finished” in the traditional sense but, hopefully will be continally improved (Kai Zen philiosophy) as more and more Nolan family researchers contribute additional information.

Drawing upon my many years of experience in researching and writing Nolan family history articles primarily for the Nolan Clan Newsletter (2004-2018) and also for the Ballon-Rathoe Chronicle ( 2005, 2007, 2008 and 2010) and the Carloviana magazine (one or two articles), as time permits, I will be expanding upon the seed material currently in the book, hoping to complete the first draft of a printable version of the book (PDF file) by the end of 2021.

You are welcome to volunteer to help me with this book project .

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