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I believe that it is possible to overcome many of the “brick wall” problems faced by Nolan family researchers through collective effort. In 2006, shortly after the launch of the website, I published my vision for Nolan family research wherein I identified four pillars for success, chief of which was the existence of a shared repository of Nolan-related information, something which I hope this website will eventually become for the Nolan diaspora.

If you already have extensively researched your early Nolan family roots and you find that it is not included in the current collection of family treetop stories I strongly urge you to Submit your Early Family Story about the first two first generations of Nolans in your line. You may have a lot of information or very little, perhaps just a name , a location and a timeframe. That is sufficient. One little bit of information which you know may turn out to be the key which opens up the door for another Nolan family researcher who, in turn, can help you to fill in some gaps in your family tree.

If you are just starting out in genealogical research, I suggest that you first explore the how-to information accessed via the  Research Links page and then when you have reached your “brick wall” i.e. when you have gone as far as you could on your own I urge you to Submit your Early Family Story so that others within the Nolan diaspora may become aware of your quest.

You may also want to explore the links found on the Research in Ireland submenu page and those on its subordinate pages, namely Irish History , Irish Geography , Quick Search for your ancestor in Ireland  and Travel to Ireland .

Creating and maintaining such a repository is a daunting task but certainly not impossible. For my part, since launching the website I have been collecting and archiving early family treetop stories, some which I uncovered myself, some which were brought to my attention. You can view the current collection by selecting the Family Stories menu option in the Archives section of the website. However, the stories collection is far from complete and I am hoping that, by 2021, when I plan to complete the online version of the new Nolan history book (see Nolan Book -2021 post) , I will have amassed a sufficient number of early family stories from around the world for someone (either myself or a volunteer|) to write a reasonable account of Nolan presence in all areas of the world where Nolans are now found.

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