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Nolan Motto

The Nolan Motto  “Cor Unum Via Una”. was established in the late 1500’s or early 1600’s by Thomas Nolan of Ballinrobe.

The motto used by Thomas Nolan of Ballinrobe “Cor unum via una” is the Cecil family motto.  It is probable that Thomas changed the given old O’Nolan motto “Semper Fidelis” given to them for their known fidelity to the Kings of Leinster for the Cecil motto. If Thomas was by any chance a Carlow Nolan the fact of his taking office with Elizabeth would make him anxious to forget his old connection for many reasons and to cement his friendship with his new allies.  Thomas Nolan  was in direct communication with the Cecils through Sir Richard Bingham and perhaps in more direct correspondence.   Sir Thomas Cecil (second Lord Burleigh) visited Connaught and was a great friend of the Binghams with whom Thomas Nolan was much allied.  A kinsman of Cecil, Barnaby Goore held an office in Connaught either with Thomas Nolan or only a few months before Thomas Nolan was appointed Clerk of the County of Mayo.

Has anyone ever heard of the motto Semper Fidelis” or can anyone supply a reference to this motto as we are researching for a newsletter article and would like some help.

Thanks Wayne Nolan