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Nolan Book – 2021

2021 will mark roughly 100 years since the time when Fr. John Nolan of Kirkcubbin began documenting in manuscript form his understanding of Nolan family history. This is essentially the understanding reflected in the Nolan book “O Nolan – The History of a People” published in the Millenium year.

Recognizing the value of Fr. Nolan’s contribution in the 1920s and the need for a repeat of such an effort today, I am challenging myself to document for future generations the current – 2020s – understanding of Nolan family history in a freely-accessible online Nolan family history book.

A tentative title for the new book is ” A Fresh Look at the Nolans – a People from most Ancient Times to the Present” and you can already view online the outline and draft of the new book . You can also Email me to provide comments or to offer assistance.

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Family Treetops – 2021

In order to complete the first seminal version of the new online Nolan history, I would need more family treetop stories in order for me or someone else to get a good understanding of early Nolan presence in all parts of the world where Nolans are found today.

Through this website and through my own effort I have collected early Nolan family treetop stories since 2004 and you can view the current collection of Nolan family treetop stories in the Archives section of the website.

If you have researched your Nolan family tree to its earliest known beginnings or if you have a distant Nolan ancestor in your family tree I invite you to Submit your early Nolan family Story. If you are relatively new to genealogical research, I invite you to read/browse through the information accessed via the Popular Genealogy Links webpage.

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Archives – 2025

In 2017 when I retired from my position as Newsletter Editor for the Nolan Clan I redirected my energies towards the re-implementation of the website using the more popular WordPress development platform thereby making the website more easily manageable and maintainable.

All parts of the 2004 legacy website have now been re-implemented except for the Archives section which currently provides a Family Stories database, a Nolan Memorials database and a few reference files of interest to Nolan researchers .

As a retired senior with multiple commitments and obligations I will be slowly improving the Archives section until 2025 or thereabouts when I hope to transfer management of the website to a new webmaster.

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1916 Easter Rising

Simultaneous with the 1916 Easter Rising in Ireland were several
other world events that still reverberate today: World War 1, the Russian revolution, the breakup of the Ottoman Empire, etc.

This traumatic era split families and friends, allegiances. Nolans were no exception with members on all sides of the questions.

The Nolan Clan reaches out to the worldwide Nolan diaspora and asks anyone reading this Blog posting and having information about a Nolan family member during the troubled 1916 time period to submit it for inclusion in the Clan’s historical archives.

Many Nolan families have connections to events related to the Rising. We hope to hear from Nolans at home in Ireland or wherever else the winds have taken us.

Many thanks to David and Orla Nowlan of Dublin for suggesting this project and for the fascinating story of David’s great, great uncle James Nowlan, first president of the Gaelic Athletic Association which played a significant role in the events leading up to the 1916 Easter Rising.

You may add to the collection of 1916 era anecdotes by sending any information you might have either directly to myself (Chris Nolan ).

Chris Nolan, Nolan Clan Chief (March 2016)