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New Email Newsletter

Starting in 2019, the Nolan Clan (aka Clan O Nolan) began using a new format for the delivery of its newsletter, namely the Email Newsletter format of the Mailchimp maillist service, a format which is easily viewable on most modern-day personal communication devices from hand-held phones to desktop computers. You can view the Archive of the latest Clan newsletters on the Mailchimp server by clicking on the preceding link. You can also subscribe to the Clan’s Newsletter Email list by clicking here.

Older issues of the Clan newsletter for 2018 and earlier are available online (in PDF format in the Archives section of this website. You can view the older issues of the Clan Newsletter by clicking here.

Nolan Book – 2021

2021 will mark roughly 100 years since the time when Fr. John Nolan of Kirkcubbin began documenting in manuscript form his understanding of Nolan family history. This is essentially the understanding reflected in the Nolan book “O Nolan – The History of a People” published under the auspices of the Nolan Clan in the MIllenium year.

Recognizing the value of Fr. Nolan’s contribution in the 1920s and the need for a repeat of such an effort today, I am challenging myself to document for future generations the current – 2020s – understanding of Nolan family history in a freely-accessible online Nolan family history book.

A tentative title for the new book is ” A Fresh Look at the Nolans – a People from most Ancient Times to the Present” and you can already view the outline and draft of the new book online book. Yolu can also Email me to provide comments or to offer assistance.

The target completion year for the baseline online version of the new Nolan family history book is 2021 which marks approximately 100 years since Fr Nolan’s manuscripts were written and also the 25th year of existence of the modern-day Nolan Clan aka Clan O Nolan.

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Overcoming Brick Walls

There are many websites dealing with Nolan family history and research but, none to my knowledge, with the same breadth and scope as this one which seeks to bring together in one place as much information as possible related to early Nolan family history in an effort to begin breaking-down many of the long-standing brick walls encountered by Nolan family historians.

I do recognize that breaking through the brick walls encountered in family research can be a daunting task but I also strongly believe that, through good communication, sharing of information and cooperation between modern-day Nolan descendants we can together surmount many of the problems which have plagued genealogical research in the past. If interested in reading more about how I see this happening I invite you to read my  vision for worldwide Nolan family research.

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Archives – 2025

Currently, the two biggest components of the Archives section at the website are a keyword-seachable family stories database  and a pictorial database (CPG) of Nolan tombstones and memorials.  As time permits, hopefully within a year, I plan to port these two databases to the WordPress development environment.   The original “early family stories” database will also be generalized and one form used to enter information about a “story” relating to either an early Nolan family story or a historical anecdote involving Nolans.

In anticipation of the day when you can view your “story” via an  online database search at the website (once the behind-the-scenes database is implemented), I have already I have already implemented in the “Contact Me” section of my website  a “Submission of a Story” form which you may use to submit your early family story or a historical anecdote relating to Nolans.

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