Overcoming Brick Walls

There are many websites dealing with Nolan family history and research but, none to my knowledge, with the same breadth and scope as this one which seeks to bring together in one place as much information as possible related to early Nolan family history in an effort to begin breaking-down many of the long-standing brick walls encountered by Nolan family historians.

I do recognize that breaking through the brick walls encountered in family research can be a daunting task but I also strongly believe that, through good communication, sharing of information and cooperation between modern-day Nolan descendants we can together surmount many of the problems which have plagued genealogical research in the past. If interested in reading more about how I see this happening I invite you to read my  vision for worldwide Nolan family research.

If you are relatively new to genealogical research, I invite you to read the introductory information accessed by clicking on the “Genealogy” main menu item of the NoalanFamilies.org website.

Once beyond the initial stages of research into your Nolan family ancestry, you may also want to consult websites relating to Irish History , Irish Geography ,Travel to Ireland , Ireland-Specific Research , Quick Search in Ireland , DNA Testing and Research Links (please note that the preceding links also appear as sub-items to the main “Genealogy” menu selection).

If you have already done research into your Nolan family ancestry I invite you to Submit your Story about your early Nolan family ancestry (i.e. about the first two generations at the top of your Nolan family tree) using the convenient form which appears when you click on the preceding link. You will find examples of earlier submissions in the Family Stories section of the website’s Archive. Also please note that I do not wish to record in the website’s archival database any details of Nolan family history beyond the last 100 years.

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