Early Family Stories – 2021

Through this website and through my own effort I have collected early Nolan family treetop stories since 2004 and you can view the current collection of early Nolan family stories in the Archives section of this website.

If you have researched your Nolan family tree to its earliest known beginnings or if you have a distant Nolan ancestor in your family tree I invite you to Submit your early Nolan family Story (about first two generations).  If you are relatively new to genealogical research, I invite you to read/browse through the information accessed via the Quick Links webpage.

Hopefully, you will be able to identify the area of origin of your ancestor in Ireland through civic and church records in your ancestor’s adopted homeland or get some indication of your family’s Nolan roots from family lore i.e. stories handed down from generation to generation. This latter source of information is however not as reliable. In my own case, family lore told me that my ancestor worked on lumber ships and that he was from Cork. Subsequent research, however, revealed that he was originally from Co. Carlow and that his parents had married there in 1793.

After familiarizing yourself with the rudiments of genealogical research and before launching into serious family research, I would then recommend that you familiarize yourself with Irish history and Irish Geography (see Quick Links page).  This will enable you to better understand and interpret whatever information you uncover in your search for your Nolan ancestry in Ireland.

In the absence of direct proof linking your Nolan family back to a particular area in Ireland, at least two other avenues of research present themselves:

  • expanded genealogical research where the family trees of known cousins and distant cousins are included in the hope that somewhere in all the documentary evidence for the extended family some indication of the family’s origins in Ireland may be found
  • identification of yet unknown relatives, distant and near, through DNA testing, leading to yet new avenues of research and, hopefully, new information which leads to a better understanding of the family’s origins in Ireland

In the absence of a clear indication of your family’s origins in Ireland the family researcher may still get a sense of the likely area of origin of his ancestor by doing a Quick Search in Ireland (see Quick Links page) using available online information resources. For Nolans the areas which show up most prominently in family research are Counties Carlow and Galway , surrounding counties and major urban centres.

Having exhausted all sources of information at your disposal you may also want to consider Travel to Ireland (see Quick Links page) to get a better feel for your Irish heritage and, in the process, possibly uncover new sources of information (e.g. local cemeteries) which help you in your research.

If you have already done as much research as you care to do into your Nolan family ancestry I invite you to Submit your Story about your early Nolan family ancestry (i.e. about the first two generations at the top of your Nolan family tree) so that current and future generations of Nolan descendants may benefit from it. To help with the writing of your story submission I suggest that you look at the examples of earlier submissions in the Family Stories found in the Archives section of the website. For your benefit and that of your extended Nolan family I would also advise you to limit yourself to relating details of your Nolan family history to the time before 1920.

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