Archives – 2025

Currently, the two biggest components of the Archives section at the website are a keyword-seachable family stories database  and a pictorial database (CPG) of Nolan tombstones and memorials.  As time permits, hopefully within a year, I plan to port these two databases to the WordPress development environment.   The original “early family stories” database will also be generalized and one form used to enter information about a “story” relating to either an early Nolan family story or a historical anecdote involving Nolans.

In anticipation of the day when you can view your “story” via an  online database search at the website (once the behind-the-scenes database is implemented), I have already I have already implemented in the “Contact Me” section of my website  a “Submission of a Story” form which you may use to submit your early family story or a historical anecdote relating to Nolans.

Again, as time permits, I would also like to add more resources to the Archives section of the website.  In my opinion, one good addition would be transcripts of the material which was stored for many years in “Father Nolan’s Ark”,  the suitcase-full of manuscripts and notes which were passed down through generations of Nolan before finally being used in the writing of the Nolan book published in the Millenium year (2000) under the auspices of the Nolan Clan.

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