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In 2017 when I retired from my position as Newsletter Editor for the Nolan Clan I redirected my energies towards the re-implementation of the website using the more popular WordPress development platform thereby making the website more easily manageable and maintainable.

All parts of the 2004 legacy website have now been re-implemented except for the Archives section which currently provides a Family Stories database, a Nolan Memorials database and a few reference files of interest to Nolan researchers .

As a retired senior with multiple commitments and obligations I will be slowly improving the Archives section until 2025 or thereabouts when I hope to transfer management of the website to a new webmaster.

Delay in the re-implemetation of the Archives section of the website is primarily due to the fact that personal databases are involved and the whole Archives section is being re-engineered to make it a world-class resource capable of meeting the needs of the Nolan diaspora now and well into the future.

At the top of my list is the re-implementation of the Family Stories database and here I hope to make an improvement expanding the database to also include the mounds of Nolan-historical historical anecdotes which I have collected over the years, effectively turning the “Family Stories” database into a more general “Stories” database. The story submission form accessed via the Submit a Story sub-menu selection already reflects this new direction for entries into the Stories database.

The planned improvements to the website will not affect access to the current Family Stories database but, in the interest of making the “Stories” database as useful and complete as possible I would encourage you, already starting now, to submit your early Nolan family story or Nolan-related historical anecdote for the benefit of all Nolan descendants now and for years to come. Doing so is as convenient as filling in an online accessed via the Family Trees>Submit a Story sub-menu selection. If you find the information submission process too formal or inconvenient you may also send me an Email.

In addition to the re-implementation of the Family Stories and Nolan Memorials databases ultimately, as I get closer to 2015, I plan to add a new searchable Nolan research reference section where, top of mind, I plan to include the set of original manuscripts which were written by Fr John Nolan in the 1920s and then subsequently used to complete the first Nolan history book “O Nolan – the history of a people” in the Millenium year. On your side, I am sure that you can think of other such reference material which should be saved for posterity in a worldwide Nolan archive and I will leave it to you to bring such material to my attention, material such as Nowlin-Stone genealogy written in the early 1900s.

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