2020 Nolan Book – Project

As many Nolans already know, a first book (O Nolan – the History of a People) was published under the auspices of the Nolan Clan Family organisation in the year 2000.  Since then, largely thanks to the advent and increased use  of Internet technologies, much new information has been uncovered and our understanding of Nolan family history and the global diaspora is growing in leaps and bounds.

The time is ripe for a new Nolan book which captures the most up-to-date understanding of Nolan family history and provides a baseline for future Nolan family researchers.  With this in mind I have set myself the task of completing a new Nolan book, tentatively entitled “Peering through the Mists of Time – the story of the Nolans”,  by 2020.

For me the completion year of 2020 is significant for two reasons:

  • 2020 is an anniversary year of sorts; the first Nolan book was based largely on manuscripts written some 100 years ago by a Fr. John Nolan around  1920.
  • To save future Nolan family researchers a lot of time and energy, it is important that the new book be written with 2020 vision, in a mental sense, sorting out, as much as possible,  fact from fiction in the rapidly increasing mound of information and misinformation.

In writing the book I hope to formulate a free-flowing narrative inclusive of as many Nolan family lines as possible  (O Nuallains, O hUllachains, Nolan,Nowland, Noland, Nolins,  Knollin, Naulin,  …)  availing myself  of as much information as possible:

  • information in the 2000 Nolan book “O Nolan – the History of a People”
  • information in earlier issues of the Nolan Clan Newsletter
  • information derived from analyses of bits of information
    available in online databases and electronic archives
  • information obtained from fellow Nolan researchers
    (in -person, via Email, through postings to this BLOG, etc. )

Roger Nowlan,
Webmaster and Nolan Clan Newsletter Editor

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