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Thomas F. Nolen (1881-1964)387 viewsFather of Claude H. Nolan.
He operated a grist mill near Lowell, Georgia in Carroll County.
In the basement of the grist mill he made a fermented drink he called "home brew" that was available to his customers. In the early 1900's he played the fiddle at local dances accompanied by his son Claude who played the banjo.
Rube Nolen, Thomas' brother329 viewsRube is shown here sitting in the wagon with his favorite mule. Standing at the back of the wagon is believed to be another brother to Rube and Thomas, named Rich.
Thomas F. Nolen and Woodrow Huckabe413 viewsWoodrow, shown at left, was Thomas' brother-in-law, a brother of Tonie Huckabe, his wife.
Claude Hamilton Nolan (1909-1962)383 viewsFather of Doyce H. Nolan.
Claude is responsible for changing the "e" to an "a" in the Nolan name. The car in the picture was given to him by his father, Thomas, upon his return to Carroll County, Georgia from Chicago, Illinois where he had graduated with high honors from an electrical engineering school. He was so mystified with the engine of the car that he took it apart and put it back together while his parents were away. He spent the rest of his life as an auto mechanic.
Claude H. Nolan350 viewsAll dressed up for some purpose,
church or maybe for a dance where he would play the banjo with his father, Thomas, known locally as "Uncle Tom".
Claude & Irene Nolan with son Doyce372 viewsWhen the picture was taken,
Doyce was about 2 years old.
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