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The Clan's most significant publication to date remains the Nolan family history book entitled "O'Nolan - the History of a People" published in the Millenium year (2000).

This book was first conceived in the early 1900s by a Fr. John Nolan who managed to complete a first draft but, falling ill and dying, left it for posterity to complete. Luckily, recognizing the importance and value of his work, someone packed away his manuscript and extensive notes into a suitcase and forwarded it for safekeeping to a representative of the Ballaghmore Nolans who handed the suitcase and its contents on to the next generation. In the late 1990s, the suitcase and its contents, by then known as "The Ark", came to the attention of the newly-formed Nolan Clan who saw its potential and decided to fund publication of the book.

Raising the necessary funds for publication, the Clan found a co-writer to complete Fr. Nolan's book and initiated the publication process. Adding information as necessary, Art Kavanagh, a retired teacher and author in his own right, completed the book in time for its launch during the Millenium Gathering of the Nolan Clan in July 2000.

The Nolan Clan has sold out its supply of the book entitled "O'Nolan - the History of a People" published in 2000. However, as of September 14, 2014, there were still 3 copies of the soft-cover version of the book available from the co-author Art Kavanagh at a cost of 50 Euros each, postage and handling to anywhere in the world included. Anyone interested may contact Art Kavanagh directly to arrange for payment and shipment of the book. Art is also working on making available a Print-On-Demand version of the book within the coming year.

If you would like to contribute information for inclusion in a possible follow-on Nolan family history book you are invited to do so using the website's "Family History" and "Family Stories" BLOG Pages.

Besides the 2000 Nolan book, the Clan also publishes a yearly Newsletter (see here for past issues), and, in conjunction with the biannual Clan Gatherings, the Clan also published some reference material of interest to Nolan Family researchers. As this material is identified and as time permits it will be digitized and links to it made available in the publications section of the website.

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