2020 Nolan Book Project

Now, more than 15 years after the publication of a first Nolan Family history book, I believe that the time has come to review what is currently known about Nolan family history and the origins of the many Nolan families spread around the world.

The new book would seek to complement the first one, reviewing and summarizing the information in the first book while at the same time expanding in areas not sufficiently covered in the first book.

With the new book I hope to:

  • clarify and expand on some of the early Nolan family history
    in Ireland in light of much new information which has become available since the publication of the first book
  • treat in greater depth the forces and historical events
    which drove many Nolan families to emigrate
  • shed light on the many early Nolan pioneer families
    who went “away” and settled in various parts of the world.
  • provide a much-needed up-to-date historical baseline
    to serve the burgeoning community of Nolan family researchers

As much as possible, The information in the book will be presented as “stories” or accounts of lived experiences, involving real people experiencing joys, pains, sufferings, successes, etc. Currently available information upon which to base these stories is sometimes fuzzy and stories must be adjusted to not say no more than what is supported by reliable sources. In this regard, I welcome information from other Nolan family researchers. Between now and 2020 when I hope to have a new Nolan book ready for publication, I will be making Posts to this BLOG space on areas of Nolan family history and individual family stories where I perceive as challenges/obstacles in separating fact from fiction/hearsay/conjecture.

I therefore invite all Nolan family researchers to review, from time to time, the informational Challenges which I will be identifying in this BLOG space.

To be alerted of any new informational Challenges which I will be posting to this BLOG space you can register your interest by filling-in your Email addess in the textbox provided for that purpose either at the end of this posting or in the left sidebar, then click on the green Subscribe button just below the textbox.

At any time, if you believe that you can shed light on any identified informational Challenge please feel free to contact me by Email.

Roger Nowlan, Webmaster (Email)
and Nolan Clan member since 1997

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