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The information gathered via this BLOG contributes to the continual improvement of the top-level pages of this website  (NolanFamilies.org ), which essentially document what I believe to be the most up-to-date understanding of early Nolan family history and the settlement of various Nolan familes around the world.

This process of continual refinement of the published information already started in 1997 when I first created the ONolanClan.org website (the first incarnation of the present-day  website, NolanFamilies.org  ) in support of the newly created Nolan Clan family association.

Since that time the original website has undergone many iterations and, despite many years of research and refinement of the website pages, l still believe that there is much that we have yet to uncover.

To anyone of us, an individual tidbit of information may seem insignificant but when analysed along with many other such tidbits I believe that they can help to shed greater light into our collective past.

For this reason I invite you to share with me and the wider Nolan diaspora whatever bits of information or family stories you may possess which may lead to a broader, more comprehensive understanding of our Nolan heritage.

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Roger Nowlan, webmaster (Email) and Nolan Clan member since 1997

supporting research into Nolan Family History and the global Nolan diaspora